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Saturday, March 05, 2011


Giveaway: Win a $55 Gift Certificate to CSN Stores

Enter to win a $55 Gift Certificate for any product from the million products available from CSN Stores.

Readers, you're in for a treat! Last December we held a giveaway contest sponsored by CSN Stores. It was such a hit with readers that we thought we'd do it again. CSN Stores is giving away a $55 Gift Certificate Code to one lucky WOW reader! If you aren't familiar with CSN, they are comprised of over 200+ online stores, where you can find everything from home office furniture to pet products. Their sites include,, and Visit for a full list of all their stores!

Here's how to enter:

1. For your first entry, just leave a comment on this post! Anything goes--you can tell us what you'd like to buy if you win, what you're working on at the moment, your favorite piece of home office furniture, or just say hello. :)

Want extra entries? Do any of the following, and leave a separate comment for each one:

2. Write about this giveaway and link to this post on your own blog or website, then come back here and leave the link!

3. Link to this post on Twitter, then come back and leave us the link to your tweet. One Twitter entry per person. (Let us know on Twitter too!

4. Link to this post on your own social network page (such as Facebook, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, MySpace, JacketFlap, etc.), and then come back and leave us the link to it in the comments section! One entry per social network profile per person.

Rules & Regs: Giveaway ends on Sunday March 13th at 11:59 PM, PST. Winner will be chosen the following day via We will post the lucky winner's name in the comments section on Monday March 14th and, if we have the winner's email address from the comments section or profile, we will also notify the winner via email. This contest is only open to readers in the US and Canada. Please note that there may be international shipping taxes that the gift code cannot cover in the case of Canadian addresses. CSN Stores will only ship to the US and Canada.

Good luck!

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Blogger Shell said...

My family and I are relocating and I haven't had time to write, so with a gift card to CSN, I'd be able to purchase something to give me hope that this move will end and I will be able to get back to my writing! Possibly a new computer chair:)

5:16 AM  
Blogger Margay Leah Justice said...

Most likely, I'd buy a new bookcase to handle my massive tbr pile! I just don't seem to have enough shelves for them all!

6:44 AM  
Blogger Jean W said...

I always need "hello"; pick me! pick me!

6:49 AM  
Blogger hkhagan said...

Getting married June 11, 2011! Working on a new story today! Wish me luck!

8:21 AM  
Blogger LuAnn said...

We've been remodeling our house for what seems like eons! We can always use some new piece for our home to dress it up a bit!

8:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I won I'd love to put the gift certificate toward the Aerosoles - THUMB PRI-002 - Thumb Printz Sport Shoes in Black Leather. Thanks so much for the giveaway!
maddiemb {at} comcast (dot) net

8:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I shared this giveaway on Facebook here:
maddiemb {at} comcast (dot) net

9:02 AM  
Anonymous Mysti Reutlinger said...

I'm in need of more office supplies! What a better way to stock up on all the goodies every writer loves.

9:33 AM  
Blogger Alicia said...

I think I'd have to break down and finally buy that bookcase I've been needing. I have so many books now, you can barely tell there's a nightstand underneath the pile.


9:42 AM  
Blogger Alicia said...

I tweeted about this contest here:!/aliciacald


9:43 AM  
Blogger ღ Angel in the HღurGlass ღ said...

I am a mom of 4, a nurse, and an aspiring author. I am writing a novel based on my life of love, loss, tragedy, & survival. One thing has held solid through out my years of struggle and that is God never left me. I hope when others read this book they will see my mistakes, and learn from them. I also hope they come away with the feeling that they can overcome any obstacle they are faced with. I truly believe if God brings you to it, God will guide you through it. Always remember The Truth will always set you free. I could always use supplies, Thank You

9:53 AM  
Blogger ღ Angel in the HღurGlass ღ said...

Posted in my blog

10:00 AM  
Blogger Cher'ley said...

We all want gift cards. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ---gift cards.

10:09 AM  
Blogger ღ Angel in the HღurGlass ღ said...

I tweeted here!/nurseangel2423

10:10 AM  
Blogger Cher'ley said...

Linked to facebook, not sure how to show the link. see if this will work.

10:12 AM  
Blogger Cher'ley said...

Twitter is done.

10:13 AM  
Blogger ღ Angel in the HღurGlass ღ said...

Lined to facebook

10:14 AM  
Blogger Beth C. said...

I'd buy a new computer chair!

10:18 AM  
Blogger Beth C. said...

Also linked to this on Twitter:!/BethCato

10:18 AM  
Blogger eliana23 said...

Right now, my desk makes me sad. I'm in the market so a little bit of help in that direction would be lovely.

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Jeanine said...

I need a new computer desk to write the next bestselling novel.(smile)

10:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just recently had to give up my old wingback chair and now have nowhere to sit! The dining chairs are all wobbly and my office chair is a cheapo typing chair. To top it off my mattress is high in the middle so I am always sleeping on an incline--Ow!
My sore body would love a new bed or a nice upholstered chair :)
Thanks for the contest!

10:59 AM  
Blogger Heather S said...

I would buy a Moby Wrap OR Sleepy Wrap with this!

hmahan_0529@yahoo dot com

11:00 AM  
Blogger peg42 said...

I would love to get the Paula Deen - 19241 - Porcelain Nonstick 12 Piece Cookware Set in Red
SKU #EEN1024
Thanks so much.

11:19 AM  
Blogger peg42 said...

Thanks again

11:24 AM  
Blogger ky2here said...

I'm seeing more fiesta(ware) in my future.

ky2here at msn dot com

12:24 PM  
Blogger ky2here said...

And here's my tweet:!/ky2here1/status/44131507924766721

ky2here at msn dot com

12:26 PM  
Blogger E said...

HELLO! :] Thank you for the giveaway!!

12:29 PM  
Blogger E said...

LINKED ON TWITTER! :]!/ekieu/status/44132924404142080

12:31 PM  
Blogger E said...

LINKED ON TWITTER! :]!/ekieu/status/44132924404142080

12:32 PM  
Blogger Denise S. said...

I've shopped at CSN a few times and it was fun. Thanks for the giveaway.
lazybones344 at gmail dot com

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would buy an Emerilware dutch oven with this.

rhoneygtn at yahoo dot com

1:06 PM  
Blogger abfantom said...

I've ordered from CSN several times in the past. I bought a knife set. It was a great price, quick, easy to order and arrived quickly.

abfantom at yahoo dot com

1:17 PM  
Blogger Mysharona said...

I'd buy some stuff for the kitchen.

1:25 PM  
Blogger dawns41 said...

I would get new garden tools like a soil cultivator.

1:33 PM  
Blogger Ginia said...

I would get me a new computer chair too.

3:17 PM  
Blogger Ginia said...

Tweeted at

3:22 PM  
Blogger Kiersten @ Oh My Veggies said...

I'd love to buy some Le Creuset cookware at CSN

ohkeeka at gmail dot com

3:58 PM  
Blogger McKim said...

I'd get my little grandson a John Deere Steel Wagon.
kimkmc at

5:30 PM  
Blogger cstironkat said...

I would get the Hamilton Beach Stay or Go slow cooker.

6:15 PM  
Blogger cstironkat said...

I tweeted!/cstironkat/status/44219993113636864

6:18 PM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

would like to buy 4D Concepts - 12334 - Boy's Student DeskSKU #: FDC1093
tvollowitz at aol dot com

7:33 PM  

love csn- paula deen cokware tops the list

7:51 PM  
Blogger Dee said...

I would love to get the emile henry bake for the cause pink pie dish :)

deeg131 at gmail dot com

7:51 PM  
Anonymous Kelly K. said...

I would like to replace my old curtains in the livingroom with something of a more contemporary style. ktk403 at gmail dot com

7:52 PM  
Blogger Dee said...


deeg131 at gmail dot com

7:52 PM  
Blogger Dee said...

shared on fb as Dee G

deeg131 at gmail dot com

7:53 PM  
Blogger Dee said...

I dugg as Deegee13

deeg131 at gmail dot com

7:54 PM  
Blogger Dee said...

stumbled as deegee13

deeg131 at gmail dot com

7:55 PM  
Anonymous Daree said...

Sounds great!

10:52 PM  
Blogger Jessica said...

I would love to put it towards the Fisher-Price Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym
jjak2003 at gmail dot com

2:08 AM  
Blogger slb3334 said...

I need some new sheets, so that is what I'd use it on.

2:23 AM  
Blogger sweepmom said...

I would get the KidKraft Prairie Tea Set and Kettle.

4:34 AM  
Blogger crystletellerday said...

HI thanks for the giveaway

6:52 AM  
Blogger Linda said...

I would love to get the Classic Game Collection-Bocce Ball Set, can't wait till spring and nice weather.

8:04 AM  
Blogger Tania said...

I would love to buy some matching towels for my new house.

9:46 AM  
Blogger Tania said...


9:50 AM  
Blogger Lim said...

Say ANYTHING? How about a joke?

What did zero say to eight?

"Nice belt!"

9:54 AM  
Blogger Tania said...


9:54 AM  
Blogger Tania said...

Shared on Facebook:

9:56 AM  
Blogger Bev Rearick said...

I would love to get a new office chair to go with my recently organized and rearranged office. This would be the perfect way to do that. :)

10:18 AM  
Blogger magic5905 said...

I have been eyeing their rice cookers for months. This would be great. Thanks.
magic5905 at embarqmail dot com

10:45 AM  
Blogger llinda29 said...

I would buy Stamina Magnetic Resistance 1350 Recumbent Bike

11:20 AM  
Blogger sksweeps said...

I'd love to get a Cuisinart ice cream maker from CSN!

sksweeps (at) earthlink (dot) net

11:30 AM  
Blogger Patrice said...

I would get the Proctor-Silex Toaster Oven/Broiler.

1:00 PM  
Blogger mkjmc said...

I would love to get the slicer shredder attachment for my kitchenaid mixer

1:15 PM  
Blogger mkjmc said...!/mkjmc/status/44506515327029248

1:16 PM  
Anonymous Sharon Harmon said...

I would buy a nice'n comfy pillow. My current pillow looks and feels like it's been through a soccer game! lol! ;)

1:54 PM  
Blogger Suburban prep said...

I would love to put this towards a new home office desk chair.
msgb245 at gmai ldot com

3:06 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I would buy the Juliana - 4 tier cover - Cover for 4-Tier Growing Rack

3:06 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I tweeted!/eyzofblu63/status/44534856817967106

3:09 PM  
Blogger Kia89 said...

I would get the Back to Basics - BPE3BR - Blender Express in Brushed Chrome.

4:04 PM  
Blogger Courtney B said...

i love CSN! Thanks for the chance!

vanitizebaby at yahoo dot com

4:41 PM  
Blogger Courtney B said...


4:42 PM  
Blogger Julie D. said...

I'd love to get a dog bed- they have tons of them.
luckyjd2k at gmail dot com

4:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I were to win, I would use the card to buy a mother's day gift.

8:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I posted this giveaway on my blog.

8:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I retweeted under @patriciacavigli but no clue how to get a link for the retweet!

8:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agh! I shared the post on Facebook,, but once again, I have no idea how to get the link. I'm such an social media amateur!

9:06 PM  
Blogger sustahl said...

If I were to win, I would want this Pfaltzgraff flatware set:

prizeentry @ wesharewithyou dot com

9:14 PM  
Blogger Tina said...

I have been wanting to buy a stir fry wok from that site for a long time!

12:18 AM  
Blogger clc408 said...

I'd like to get some of these storage containers:

3:54 AM  
Blogger clc408 said...


3:59 AM  
Blogger clc408 said...

Shared on fb!/permalink.php?story_fbid=187867367915373&id=1334981763

4:01 AM  
Blogger Gina M (crave to save) said...

I would love to get this bake-ware set from csn stores:
gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

6:13 AM  
Blogger Gina M (crave to save) said...


gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

6:13 AM  
Blogger Gina M (crave to save) said...

shared on facebook!!/permalink.php?story_fbid=156964721029025&id=100001464938109

gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

6:14 AM  
Anonymous UK careers said...

They must be impactful, persuasive and compelling.

10:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would get the Paula Deen 7 Qt. Cast Iron Covered Round Casserole. I love Paula and her cooking.

hebert024 at aoldot com

11:06 AM  
Blogger cjbstar said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

2:29 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

I would get the knife set for my kitchen from CSN.
We are in need of a new one.


Scott Martin

2:43 PM  
Blogger MaDonna Maurer said...

Great jumping beans, this is awesome! Right now I should be working on the next contest submission for WOW, but I'm blog hopping for a bit.

umdmaurer at gmail dot com

12:00 AM  
Anonymous Lori Autry said...

Would love to win this! I am currently working on a submission for the WOW Spring Contest!
In fact, I should be doing that right now!

12:03 PM  
Blogger Cujo hmb said...

Mandatory entry - I'd live some new steak knives from CSN Stores.

6:10 PM  
Blogger Cujo hmb said...

tweet -

6:14 PM  
Blogger Cujo hmb said...

Shared on Facebook -

6:17 PM  
Blogger Erika said...

I would love to use it toward the Cuisinart 7 Cup Food Processor! Thanks!
MusingsfromaSAHM at gmail dot com

6:43 PM  
Anonymous Pat said...

I'd like to buy a Hamilton Beach blender if I win.
pkildow at gmail dot com

10:05 AM  
Blogger Domestic Diva said...

Lovely! THanks for the chance.

lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

11:52 AM  
Blogger Hoa said...

I would love to get a juicer with the gift card! Thanks for the giveaway.


3:53 PM  
Blogger Debbie C said...

Spring cleaning here and I threw out several older sets of bed linens, so I need to replace them. I would like to buy the Simple Luxury - 650 Thread Count Striped Sheet Set in Burgundey from CSN.

dchrisg3 @ gmail . com

9:01 PM  
Blogger Debbie C said...


dchrisg3 @ gmail . com

9:12 PM  
Blogger mogrill said...

I would put it toward a wok.
Thanks for the chance.

10:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My CSN purchase would be for a Kalorik coffeemaker. My favorite piece of office furniture would be a comfortable desk chair, I think about this a lot as I don't have a comfortable chair and I am constantly rearranging my make shift cushioning. This is an important purchase, but coffee has the priority. spiersrp at gmail dot com

1:35 AM  
Blogger Tammy said...

I would get a chess set!

7:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love to get an attachment pack for my KitchenAid.

katfam95 at aim dot com

12:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shopping what a wonderful thing and who wouldnt love shopping online :) Right now going to pick up the kids from school and head off to Dairy Queen for a mommy me snack.

texaswaitress (at) live (dot) com

1:23 PM  
Blogger ard1977 said...

If I won I would pick out a new Bean Bag chair for my son's room! Thank you for the chance! ard1977@gmail dot com

10:13 PM  
Blogger wcc said...

I am so excited for spring and summer! I would love to use this to put towards the purchase of the Frame It All - SL-1025 - Solar Lighting 4-Pack for my garden. Thanks for the chance! :)
whitechocolatecherries at

11:05 PM  
Blogger wcc said...

I tweeted:
whitechocolatecherries at

11:07 PM  
Blogger wcc said...

I stumbled this post (username: whitechocolatech).
whitechocolatecherries at

11:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm moving into my first apartment soon! CSN would help me settle in alittle easier. Thanks!

1:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


1:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stumbled this giveaway post!

1:50 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

There is so much to choose from at CSN that it is hard to make a decision. I've had my eye on the Del Sol wall sculpture for a while now.

6:27 AM  
Blogger Erica C. said...

CSN has so much great stuff to choose from! I'd love to get the Hilda platform bed!

10:11 AM  
Anonymous BusyWorkingMama said...

I'd love to get a new food processor. Thanks for the chance!
aleksa91 hotmail com

11:20 AM  
Blogger Katie said...

I'd love to get a Trunki suitcase for my son.

kt1969 at comcast dot net

3:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would get the Crypton - Doodle Dog Twig Pillow if I won
Digicat {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

12:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I posted this giveaway on my Blog. Check it out here!
Digicat {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

12:13 AM  
Blogger Aisling said...

Hello! I'm in dire need of a new wok and would love to have a gift certificate to help. They have a great selection (of everything) at CSN Stores! mcgillrmcgill(at)charter(dot)net

9:30 AM  
Blogger ohstac said...

I love CSN! I would probably pick out something for my kitchen. I would love to own some Le Creuset.

9:59 AM  
Blogger Jenny said...

What fun! I would totally buy some new dishes...mine are getting all chipped up...I think my husband might have some hidden hostilities are something going on.

Thanks for the fun chance.

jennymatlock at cox dot net

11:54 AM  
Blogger Robin T said...

This would be awesome, I could use a new set of pots and pans

2:20 PM  
Blogger Adrienne said...

I'm obsessed with the cookware section of CSN. I want a dualit toaster in the worst way. pick me.

3:02 PM  
Blogger ckfrrt said...

We are redoing our bathroom,so I could use this towards a new faucet
carolkfoster at comcast dot net

3:28 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

If I won, I'd get the Chef's Choice International WafflePro Taste /Texture Select Classic Belgian Waffle Design – 8300100

3:34 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I would get something for my son and daughter's birthday. Their birthdays are one day apart and are really into Legos!


4:16 PM  
Blogger Nance Meyer said...

I love CSN stores! I'm moving into my first apartment on my own so I can start grad school, so I need to order some essential kitchen items!

nancymeyer1 at gmail dot com

7:12 PM  
Blogger Clarke & Lewis said...

i wat a food processor
rmartinclarke @

8:04 PM  
Blogger Clarke & Lewis said...!/rsmc1/status/46786381560815616

8:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love to win this to get a new outside solar light for my yard for this summer.

8:27 PM  
Blogger msrodeobrat said...

i would love to get a cuisinart ice cream maker
addictedtorodeo at gmail dot com

8:34 PM  
Blogger Suz said...

I would love to use this toward a Le Creuset french oven.

txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

10:19 PM  
Blogger AEKZ2 said...

I'd like to buy a new lamp for my daughter's room.

10:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello. Happy Daylight Savings Time.

flashlight13114 AT yahoo DOT com

5:25 AM  
Blogger Tracey said...

I'd like to have the Aerosoles Women's Wide Eyes Thong Sandal in Tan.

6:39 AM  
Blogger Melissa B. said...

I would like to get my daughter a silver celtic knot ring.

7:14 AM  
Blogger Pat said...

I'd like to buy a food processor


8:32 AM  
Anonymous Tammy said...

I'm in the market for some more organizational baskets for my living room.

nov231973 at gmail dot com

10:52 AM  
Blogger Kathy Pease said...

id love a new trash can for my kitchen :)

11:53 AM  
Blogger Kathy Pease said...

11:55 AM  
Blogger Kathy Pease said...

11:56 AM  
Blogger Kathy Pease said...

stumbled klp1965

11:57 AM  
Blogger gnwg said...

I'd like to buy a fisher price high chair!
ziggyga athotmaildot com

12:49 PM  
Blogger gnwg said...

ziggyga athotmaildot com

12:51 PM  
Blogger gnwg said...

I stumbled this post/gnwg

12:54 PM  
Blogger gnwg said...

I shared this post on facebook!!/permalink.php?story_fbid=193132994060341&id=1595801328
ziggyga athotmaildot com

12:55 PM  
Blogger Julieh said...

I'd buy the cuisinart prep II plus 11 cup food processor.
honeypie411 at yahoo dot com

2:06 PM  
Blogger susan1215 said...

I would get some new bathroom towels

s2s2 at comcast dot net

2:21 PM  
Blogger susan1215 said...!/susan1215/status/47044167796391936

s2s2 at comcast dot net

2:22 PM  
Blogger annalene said...

CSN has an amazing selection of products. I really love their kitchen section & would love to pick up a new cutting board.

Thank you so much for the chance to win!

thewideworldof (at)gmail (dot)com

3:45 PM  
Blogger Nicole Larsen said...

I would love to win so I can buy some new sheets for our bed---we need them ;)

4:00 PM  
Blogger Nicole Larsen said...


4:01 PM  
Blogger Nicole Larsen said...

Shared on FB

4:02 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

I'm taking a break right now from prepping and painting my bathroom walls. Ugh! I know it will look great when it's finished, though, and I'd probably use the CSN gift certificate for some new bath items if I won.

4:55 PM  
Blogger momznite said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

5:23 PM  
Blogger momznite said...

I'd like to buy the Maple Sonoma 6 Drawer Lingerie Chest.

5:31 PM  
Blogger Tim said...

Thanks for having a great giveaway.

tahearn at roadrunner dot com

5:42 PM  
Blogger Hillary said...

I would love to win! I would get some cookware. Thanks for a great giveaway!

hillaryanna at yahoo dot com

5:56 PM  
Blogger Hotsnotty2 said...

I love the Adi Designs - GLORY-5HI-GRY - Women's Glory 5 Hi Slouchy Boots in Grey
SKU #: AIE1267, thanks!

5:57 PM  
Blogger Breanne said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

bmweida at yahoo dot com

6:00 PM  
Blogger rgp61998 said...

It's almost frozen drink season and I want a new blender.

6:37 PM  
Blogger Charity S said...

I love a really good office chair.

charisscharity at yahoo dot com

7:04 PM  
Blogger Charity S said...


charisscharity at yahoo dot com

7:06 PM  
Blogger Brian E. said...

Thanks for the giveaway...we have our eye on a stainless steel Panasonic Microwave Oven @ CSN !

senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

8:29 PM  
Blogger Brian E. said...


senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

8:33 PM  
Blogger JudyZ said...

I would love to win this

8:55 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I like the huge assortment of stuff they sale there. I am looking for a new coffee maker

ardy22 at earthlink dot net

8:55 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...


ardy22 at earthlink dot net

8:57 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

shared on fb!/permalink.php?story_fbid=178536512191886&id=536212900
ardy22 at earthlink dot net

8:59 PM  
Blogger barblong said...

I would like to buy the Le Creuset - PG0562-2117 - 1.5-Quart Round Casserole with Lid in Caribbean.

9:00 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

ardy22 at earthlink dot net

9:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

panini press ty.

9:09 PM  
Blogger /\Heather/\ said...

I am currently working to get 'sleeveless and sexy' with my arm workout. I got rid of the car that lost the power steering, and bloop, there went my awesome arms.
heatherpooh (hotmai)

9:26 PM  
Blogger Pamela S said...

I'd love to get some fun dishes for my screened porch since warm weather will soon be here. I love their 6 pc set of glass dragonfly dishes. Thanks so much! pamelashockley(AT)netscape(DOT)net

9:41 PM  
Blogger Bakersdozen said...

I visited their shoe dept. and would definitely get me some new shoes. vidomich(at)yahoo(dot)com

9:51 PM  
Blogger cman said...

Harmony Kids Disney Toy Story 3 Deluxe Recliner - 18936

10:23 PM  
Blogger slehan said...

I like the Silicone Solutions 5 Piece Burgundy Bakeware Set. Thanks for the contest.

10:53 PM  
Blogger slehan said...

10:54 PM  
Blogger slehan said...

FB share:

10:55 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hello, I'm watching tv about the tragedy in Japan. So terrible. Thanks for the giveaway.

11:00 PM  
Blogger slehan said...


11:02 PM  
Blogger slehan said...

stumbled: slehan

11:03 PM  
Blogger Charlene Kuser said...

I would like to buy a blender if I win the gift card.I love smoothies
and have no way to make them

11:11 PM  
Blogger WOW! said...

Thank you for all your comments! We appreciate your enthusiasm and support. :)

We held a random drawing via, and it picked the number 50 (the 50th comment), so the winner is... Daree!!

Congratulations, Daree! You've won a $55 gift certificate to CSN Stores. We will contact you via e-mail with your gift certificate code.

To everyone else: we will be holding another one of these gift certificate giveaways again soon, so be sure to check back.

Additionally, our next blog giveaway will be on Monday March 21st. We are giving away a beautiful coffee table book, The Literary Ladies Guide to the Writing Life by Nava Atlas. Be sure to stop by! :)


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