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WOW! Women on Writing Author Book Promotion Services

Are you an author interested in promoting your book? We offer virtual marketing options for authors, such as blog tours, opportunities for your book to be reviewed, and fun events that step outside of the box. Whether you are a self-published author, indie author, or traditionally published, we’d love to work with you on promoting your book.
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Our most popular services:
WOW! Blog Tour Package
Our most popular blog tour package lasts three to four weeks long. It includes a launch day author interview, giveaway with social media tasks, social media promotion, ten or more blog stops, custom tour banner, and a dedicated email sent to over 50k subscribers:
  • 10+ Blog Stops customized to your book's target audience, including book reviews, guest posts, book giveaways, spotlights, and interviews.
  • Dedicated Email sent to WOW! Women on Writing's Author Book Marketing, Virtual Book Tours and Giveaways list (subscribe for free here) announcing your blog tour launch (50,000+ subscribers).
  • Launch Day Interview on WOW's blog, The Muffin, plus syndication on Before It's News (Books section), Author Salon, Algonkian Author Connect, and other partners, as well as blog email and RSS subscribers.
  • 2-week Book Giveaway with Social Media Tasks to help the author garner followers.
  • Custom Book Tour Banner promoted to WOW's Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter followers. 
  • Social Media Promotion on Twitter for each stop of your blog tour.
Cost: $350
WOW! Book Blast
  • Includes everything we offer for the WOW! Blog Tour Package (above).
  • A Custom Book Banner Ad linking to Amazon or the author's website that will run for one month on the WOW! Women on Writing e-zine website and The Muffin. (Between the two websites, WOW receives roughly 90,000 visitors per month.)
Cost: $475
Add Premium Services to Your Blog Tour
  • You will choose which bloggers you want receiving your guest posts.
  • Includes a month-long group giveaway option.
Cost: $125 (Price includes a $25 Gift Card to contribute to group giveaway; however, we encourage authors to provide additional prizes).
Also, we have customization options for our blog tours, and can make tours suitable to whatever you are most comfortable doing, such as review-only tours, and more. Although our blog tours are ideal for authors, we are open to working with companies that offer products they want to promote, or for websites interested in creative promotions.
WOW! Review Tour
The purpose of this promotion is to add reviews of the author's book on Amazon, Goodreads, and/or additional sites. The author interview and giveaway on The Muffin blog will drive awareness to the author's book.
  • Up to 5 or more reviewers will be leaving reviews of the author's book on Amazon and/or Goodreads. If the reviewer is unable to leave a review on Amazon for any specific reason, the author can request readers leave reviews on other sites where readers can purchase the author's book.
  • An incentive prize will be given away to participants of up to $25 value.
  • Author will be interviewed on The Muffin blog and a copy of their book (and other prizes, if the author can provide them) will be given away to WOW readers.
  • The interview & giveaway will be posted once all 5 or more reviews have been left.
  • Readers will have a month to read the book and post their review.
  • On the day of the interview/giveaway, an email will be sent to WOW's Book Events subscriber email list (roughly 50k) and posted on WOW's social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).
Price: $275 (to include the $25 gift card).
Markets Plus Review (or Interview) and Giveaway Package
  • Ad at the top of the Markets Newsletter (publishing on the 28th of each month), and sent to 51,000+ subscribers via email.
  • Same banner ad posted on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Review (or interview, author's choice) and giveaway on The Muffin - Giveaway with social media tasks, lasts two weeks.
  • Social media promotion about the giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Price: $225
WOW! Authors on Air Tour (Radio/Podcast)
  • Written pitch highlighting your book with interview topics sent to radio show hosts.
  • 4 or 5 podcast/radio spots.
  • Promotion of events on WOW's Twitter for each spot.
Price: $275 as an add-on to a blog tour, or $400 as a stand-alone.

WOW! PR Package
WOW will become your publicist, focusing on your publicity goals: would you like to get more reviews, garner more reviews, land radio spots, streamline your branding, or focus on building your platform? We will work hard for you and your book! We also include several opportunities from WOW as well in this package: 
  • An interview on WOW! Women on Writing, which receives over 90,000 visitors per month. 
  • A review of your book on the blog.
  • Spot in our monthly Markets Newsletter, sent out to 51,000+ email subscribers.
  • Book banner on the sidebar of WOW's blog.
  • Opportunities to include a blend of podcasts, book reviews, blog spotlights, social media features, media/journalist features, and event opportunities.
  • At the end of the service, you will be given a pitch you can use to send out to podcasts and other media opportunities.
  • Promotion of events on WOW's social media accounts.
  • Work one-on-one with your WOW publicist to brainstorm guest posting and other opportunities.
Price: 3-month personal publicist: $850
And More!
We have several other packages, including a Scavenger Hunt Giveaway, Banner Ad Special, Guest Writer, and custom promotional packages to fit your needs. 

Do you need help promoting your book?

We'd love to work with you!
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