3 Ways to Refresh Your Creativity

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Break out the pumpkin everything, fall is almost upon us. When September rolls around, I feel like I'm hitting the refresh button and starting new again. In fact, September feels like the start of the year to me (way more than January does). So as we stare down the barrel of a new fall season, it's time to hit refresh.

But how can we hit refresh on our creativity?

Here's how a few ideas:

1) Cut out the distractions.

Okay, let's all be honest. Each and every one of us has a distraction. Social Media. Mobile Gaming. Streaming new TV shows. And I don't know about you, but sometimes that distraction can turn into something really time-consuming (and energy-consuming). So, take a self-assessment. Is there something you can cut out of your day and devote to some writing time? Social media can easily draw me in (meanwhile I tell myself - I'm building engagement! It's great for my platform!). Yet, honestly, I can cut down.

2) Try out a new creative endeavor.

I am a believer in the idea that one creative pursuit inspires another. Maybe it's been a while since you tried something new for yourself creatively, but I highly encourage it. It doesn't need to be expensive or all that elaborate. Consider buying a coloring book and crayons. Try baking. Go to a garage sale and find something you could upcycle. Doodle. Explore the other parts your creative self. You might be surprised.

3) Reassess your goals.

Our pursuits as writers change throughout the year. Maybe we wanted to submit that novel but got caught up in other writing projects. Maybe we ended up starting a new job and we need to completely revamp our daily writing habit. A lot of life can happen in a year. So, reassess your goals as September rolls around. What do you want to do differently?

Any tips you can share on how you can reset your creativity? 


Sue Bradford Edwards said...

What an encouraging post! The reminder to try a new creative form and to eye our calendars for time we could reclaim is so important. There are so many energy drains that can creep into our days. Hmmm. Time to get off the net and get to work!

Beverley Baird said...

As a retired teacher, September is more the beginning of a new year than Jan. 1 as well.. Great post!

Nicole Pyles said...

@Sue - Thans Sue! Ha, and I need to take my own advice - get off the net and get to work :)

Thanks Beverley! Such a refreshing time of year!

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