HORIZONS by Mary Rosenblum

Friday, November 24, 2006

What people are saying:

"A sure winner...if you want to know what the future might actually look like...this could be it." -- Nancy Kress

"A smart, sexy, and savvy future thriller from one of the best new writers in science fiction, peopled by real human characters with psychological complexity and emotional depth, and driven by a plot that races ahead like a runaway train." -- Gardner Dozois

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WATER RITES - Coming Soon! by Mary Rosenblum

Thursday, November 23, 2006

I just created this animation for our wonderfully talented author and friend, Mary Rosenblum. Her new book, due out in January, is bound to be a bestseller!

Water Rites touches on the all-important issue of global-warming, and is a must-read. This novel originally stems from her first SF novel entitled, The Drylands. It will be collected with the three Drylands novelettes that appeared in Asimov's Magazine and are prequels to the story, featuring the main characters. Water Rites will be published in January by Fairwood Press. Take a look at the cover... it's simply gorgeous!

Here's a Description:

Drought had come to the 21st century, and the land was dying. Crops failed, refugee camps overflowed, riots raged across the country, and the Army Corps of Engineers had the dirty job of rationing what little water was left.

Carter Volitaire, a Corps officer in charge of the Columbia Riverbed Pipeline, had orders to stop a group of desperate farmers sabotaging the Pipe--at any cost. Nita Montoya, a Drylands woman burdened with a strange mental talent, knew the farmers were being framed. She could help Carter expose the real saboteurs--but only by exposing her own abnormal ability.

In the Drylands, the few people strangely altered by the drought were feared and persecuted if their mutations came to light. But if Nita couldn't trust Carter with her secret, there was no way to stop the wave of violence that would sweep their lives away...

Check out the WOW! interview with Mary Rosenblum!

And please let us know what you think about this animation... does it intrigue you? Or...?

Feel free to post comments here. We appreciate your feedback!
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Give the Gift of Literacy...

Friday, November 17, 2006
Ten of thousands of families lost homes, personal property and much more during hurricane Katrina. Homes are being re-built and lives are being put back together again along the Gulf Coast. But homes aren't the only thing needing replaced for these families who have lost so much says Bruce Goldwell, author and success coach. Children need to have a way to escape the trials that they are surrounded with on a daily basis and a way to insure that their futures will be bright. Goldwell believes that one of the ways to do this is through the gift of books.

"Many families along the Gulf Coast lost everything. I want to do something to brighten up their holiday season and beyond. I founded the Literacy Claus project to raise books all over America so kids and families along the Gulf Coast can have the gift of literacy this Christmas", states Goldwell.

"Bruce explains the charity best, so here is a quote from the page. I encourage everyone to head over, and help!", states Jonathan Fesmire, the author of "Seeds of Vision" and several other books.

"In Waveland, Mississippi, 85% of the residence still live in FEMA trailers. Many of these families lost everything they own during hurricane Katrina. Other cities along the Gulf Coast suffered great loss as well.

We invite you to "Give the Gift of Literacy" this holiday season by sharing books with those living in Waveland and surrounding areas along the Gulf Coast.

The mission of the "Literacy Claus" Project is to give the gift of books to children and others that lost their homes so they can enjoy reading them all year long.

You are invited to support the "Literacy Claus" Project by either donating books for these "Our Brothers and Our Sisters" of the Gulf Coast or helping in the collection process. Books will be distributed just before Christmas. Use the contact form below for more information on how you can donate, collect books in your area and where to ship books for distribution.

Those of us on the "Literacy Claus" Project Team and all supporters thank you in advance for your participation." - Bruce Goldwell

Mr. Goldwell believes that American's all over the country will want to take part in the Literacy Claus once they know about it. Collections are already in progress in other states outside of Utah and people are asking how they can take part. Volunteers are needed to collect books, as donors of books and in getting the word out all over the country.

Bruce Goldwell is the author of "The Door to Super Achievement", "The Power of Choice", and a series titled "Dragon Keepers". He is the founder of the "Literacy Claus" which is a charity event to raise books for kids and families on the Gulf Coast. For information about the Literacy Claus visit http://LiteracyClaus.com.
Submitted by: Bruce Goldwell

For anyone you know of that have books ready to ship at this time,
you can have them send the books to:

C/O Bruce Goldwell
2250 N. Univ Pkwy #4899
Provo, Utah 94604


Thank you Bruce for letting us know about such a great cause.
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How does your book title score?

Saturday, November 11, 2006

If you're familiar with Lulu.com then you may know about their cool freebie Title Scorer. Put your next book title to the test and see if it's destined to be a bestseller!

According to Writer's Digest' December Issue (Great Issue, btw) the top billing that a title could earn is 83 percent. Although we didn't put a book title to the test, we did do a "title-fight" of our website names, as pictured above. Really, it's all relative though. We aren't books, we're websites. And the Title Scorer takes other factors into consideration -- things such as grammar type, first word, second word, etc. In trying different combinations related to the words there were different outcomes. If you leave the subcategories untouched, then WD and WOW! end up the same. It's interesting though, that you can battle one title against the next and see the results.

This is a handy tool for any writer researching her next book title, because it gives you some indication of whether or not your book title will be catchy. Try it and see what you come up with! We'd love to know... feel free to leave comments. ;-)
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A Beautiful e-mail from Kathy Vancura

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Inspiration: Chicken Soup for the Breast Cancer Survivor's Soul

Dear Beryl and Angela:

Well, where do I begin? Thanks to both of you for making your long and winding journey to Laguna Beach Books last Saturday to attend our book signing event.

Thanks also for sending the photographer, and for staying to chat with each of us after the crowd thinned.

I looked at your website today to see the "mention" of our stories, and was so pleasantly surprised at the coverage you so beautifully provided.

Your story was absolutely wonderful, and I thank you on behalf of the five of us for the time and effort taken to portray us in such a heroic way.

God Bless the both of you!
Kathy Vancura
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