Celebrating Life

Sunday, March 01, 2009

It's hard to imagine that 17 years ago, I gave birth to my first of 3 wonderful sons. 6:32 am, welcomed us with this wonderful little boy that I held in my arms for the first time. I was surprised to see this beautiful baby that my husband and I have created, how life itself could give us such a special gift. Ten little fingers, ten little toes and a little button nose.

Today, we celebrate life, his life. But, when we take a look at it, through writing, we celebrate life in every key that we push on our keyboards. Creating characters that spring to life, breathing, living, exploring, learning. Through these characters we celebrate life. This is only the beginning of the life long celebration. We bring our characters into their victory then follow some into death. Celebrating every aspect of what life may bring to our characters.

But, then we look at other realms of celebrating life, through the art of memoir. As many of you know, we speak of memoir quite regularly here at WOW! It is a way for each of us to share a piece of our lives, a way to celebrate our lives, even it isn't because of a happy situation. Maybe we need to celebrate the fact that through our lives we can help awaken someone to a reality that could lead them down a bad path. So we awaken them through a different form of celebration, we awaken them to a reality of fight and survival. We show others how we celebrate a new foundation for us, we show others that they to can survive.

However you wish to look at it, we celebrate life in many ways. Through writing we celebrate life more frequently than most because of the stories we have to share. Through fiction and non-fiction. We create celebrations in every avenue of writing.

Today, I celebrate the life of my son Shawn and all that he means to me. Today, I celebrate the space that he fills deep in my heart. Today, I celebrate all that he has accomplished and all that he has yet ahead of him. Today, I celebrate his life. To think of the stories that he may have to share through celebrating life. Who knows, some day he may have a blue eyed little blonde haired son like himself who likes to make a face like "Popeye the sailor."

There is a way we can use this to help build a story. If you are looking for a way to open up a story idea. Take a look at something you have done in your life for example the first time you ate ice cream. Think about what it felt like on your tongue. What was the flavor? Did you get a "brain freeze?" What brand did you eat. When you ate the ice cream was it at a special event? See what kind of special story you can build. See what kind of celebration you have hiding deep inside of you. Did you overcome an eating disorder? Did you overcome a fear of something like height? How did you over come these? This is a special celebration, this celebration, is a new chapter in your life, a way for you to learn and grow.

I understand that some of the subjects listed above may be quite touchy for people, but also it is a way to show you, that you can overcome something and that you have a story to share that can help someone else.

Happy writing everyone!


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