The True Story Behind The Bachelor

Tuesday, March 03, 2009
I don't know who writes for The Bachelor, but they're pretty convincing. I even bought into it knowing that these things are somewhat scripted. But I thought they were only edited for storyline...I didn't know they wrote the whole thing! Naïve me.

Back on January 27th, "Reality Steve" broke the news about the shocking finale of the Bachelor, and revealed the outcome of the "After the Final Rose" show, taped back in January. If you watched it last night, you already know that Jason dumped Melissa and is with Molly now.

But here's the ultra-disappointing part. Reality Steve also revealed that ABC was flying Melissa and Molly out to see Jason every other weekend after The Bachelor ended. Can you believe it? Yeah...I thought Jason was a sweetheart too. What a sucker I am! In last night's Final Rose show, Melissa asked Jason if he'd seen Molly since the show ended. With big, brown honest eyes, he said he hadn't, but that was a lie.

And I bet, they all were in on it. Yeah, Melissa seemed a bit upset, but not to the extent that she might've been. Even when she walked out on stage, she seemed to know. She didn't embrace Jason like a newly engaged woman would. She seemed a bit standoffish. Maybe she'd never taken any real acting classes. LOL.

I just feel bad for Jason's son, Ty.

Anyway, the whole thing is disappointing. I won't be watching another season. As a writer, I know stories need drama, story arcs, and conflict, but when you claim something is real, shouldn't it at least be a tad real? They've gone too far with this one. I wonder how much the writer was paid? Or the "actors" for that matter. You'd have to pay me a heck of a lot to go through that scenario.

If you haven't been keeping up on the true tales of reality TV, check out Reality Steve's blog and get ready to be disappointed.

As writers, what do you think of "reality" TV being completely scripted?


Krysten Lindsay Hager said...

I could not be paid enough to go through something that devastating in front of an audience with them thinking it was true!

Anonymous said...

wait .... what? I'm confused. I didn't watch this season.

I would not expect any of this to be "real" nor call them out when it turns out to be unreal, though. It's the Bachelor for goodness sakes! It's junk food! It's supposed to be like that. Don't take it seriously, don't take yourself seriously, don't take these 'characters' seriously, and just zone out.

For REAL reality TV, watch A & E's Biography. That's a great show.

Rev. Linda said...

Reality TV is too convoluted to be "real." Most of it is wrought with sensationalism. Perhaps, in some unguarded moment, the participants actually demonstrate authentic feelings, but most of the time it is such bad acting it should be obvious that it is fake.

If you grew up in the 50's, Saturday night wrestling was part of your entertainment. Did those wrestlers really beat each other to a pulp? Of course not! It was all carefully choreographed, up to and including the blood pellets placed in the cheek so the wrestler could spit blood at just the right moment. (My brother-in-law was a professional wrestler.)

I don't feel sorry for the folks on the show. I feel sorry for the viewers who want so much to live other lives, they have forgotten what is real.

As Antoine de St. Exupery wrote, "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."

Maddie James said...

I'm such a sucker! I was appalled at the After the Rose show antics but I had no clue it was scripted! Just call me naive... geez!

Anonymous said...

I always assumed they were all scripted from the beginning. And since I simply don't look at them, no worries here.

Angela Mackintosh said...

Finally! A fellow writer who watches the Bachelor! Thanks Maddie for chiming in. Now, I don't feel so bad! ;o)

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