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Monday, March 21, 2022
It's always exciting news when a WOW member's book gets published. What's even more exciting is Patricia Gable's middle-grade novel, The Right Address, was born from a novel writing course led by WOW's managing editor, Margo L. Dill. And today, you have a chance to win a copy!
Here's a little bit about this heart warming book:
"This book made me laugh and cry. Willie is comical and he softens the drama the children are going through. I'm sending it to my granddaughter." - Andrea McDonald
Annie hears that her foster parents are going to send her little brother, Willie, to another foster home. She can't let that happen! She devises a plan for the two of them to run away in the middle of a wintry night. That's when the adventure begins! 
Annie is the protective sister and Willie is bold and comical. They meet new friends and find places to sleep and eat. But how long can they last in the winter weather? And who is the strange man watching them? 
When they are given a card with only an address written on it, will this be the break they need or will it spell disaster?
"I read this in paperback. The children are adorable and brave. They go through so much. I was surprised to find out how the strange man was helping. I won’t give it away. Good read." - Maggie White 
Publisher: Booklocker (November 2021)
Paperback: 124 pages
ISBN-10: 1647198755
ISBN-13: 978-1647198756 
The Right Address is available for purchase in print and as an ebook at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and  

About Patricia Gable:
My dad was always writing something—poetry, letters and even letters to the editor of newspapers. He drilled me on vocabulary words. I still have a handwritten letter from my dad that he sent to Grandma and Grandpa during the war when he was in the Navy in the Pacific. Because of all of this, I began writing when I retired from twenty-six years of teaching. I’ve written over 300 short stories for children, nonfiction articles for an educational website, flash fiction, and finally, I have written my first novel for middle grade children.
I am currently working on the second in this series. It is called THE RIGHT CHOICE. Will there be a guardian angel helping Christopher make the right choice?
My family has lived in Ohio, Michigan and Chihuahua, Mexico. Currently we live in beautiful Arizona.
Visit Patricia's website at

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Margo Dill said...

How exciting that you are working on a sequel! So happy for you! :)

mommietime said...

thanks for the chance

Andrea said...

I love hearing about member's books that are published. It's so exciting. Congratulations

kywave said...

Love this concept and going to check it out

TRIPPER2365 said...

I love short stories and would like to read yours .

Anonymous said...

Interesting storyline, makes me wonder how it will turn out while hoping for the best.

. Heather Swanson said...

we should all have a pj. day & just read.

dlhaley said...

Thanks for the chance to win this book.

Angela Mackintosh said...

Congratulations on your publication, Patricia! Your book sounds fantastic, and I'm so happy you're working on a series.

Unknown said...

Guardian angel. Love it!

Diane said...

This adorable read is a parcel of mixed emotion - beginning in sadness and ending in pure joy for two delightful young characters. I read it in one go and loved every bit.

Rita R. said...

This sounds like a tremendously heartwarming story. Congratulations! Did you do a lot of research to understand the challenges for siblings in foster care?

kywave said...

I bought the book and it was a great read for the entire family. I truly hope there is a sequel! I hope the doctor and woman wind up together

Antoinette M said...

Very interesting to read about the author. Great to hear she is writing book #2 in the series.

Unknown said...

I can not wait to see whats next

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