A Focus on Friendships - Part Three of Three

Monday, September 06, 2021

Thanks for tuning in for part three of three on our focus on friendships. Last time we discussed how feeling connected to someone matters in real life and on the page. Prior to that, during Part One of our focus, we talked about feedback; giving it, receiving it, growing from it, walking away, considering the reason for the feedback, and MORE! In part three, let's talk about to walking away and what that means in life and in our writing/reading lives.

 So - here goes - let's talk about friendships, shall we? This isn't me telling you what to do or not to do - it's just a conversation and hopefully it will offer each of us a little something. Grab your favorite beverage (I'll fill my coffee mug) and we can chat a bit.  If you're wondering, today's photo headline is me and my best friend on our wedding day - I still say marrying your best friend is a most fabulous idea!

Take a moment to remember a friend who meant a lot to you - someone who is no longer part of your circle. They walked away, you walked away, etc... Take a moment to remember a book character you felt close to; someone you were sad to part with at the end of the story. Quite clearly, in the book example, whether you be a reader or writer, the relationship ended because the book ended. If you are a writer, why didn't you chose to write another book about that character? In the real life example, think about the reasons you may be thankful to no longer have that person in your circle. Each of our reasons is going to be different with specific scenarios and conversations swirling through our mind. Ultimately it boils down to energy though, doesn't it?

Maybe the friend had a different energy than you. Maybe the negative energy they brought left you feeling drained. Maybe your positive energy was too much for them. Or was it the opposite? Maybe you didn't have the energy to put into the friendship because your life shifted focus. Whatever the reason or reasons, that person was important to you during a particular period of your life and that friendship can still be cherished for what it was, even if you don't want to rekindle the relationship moving forward. As a writer, maybe you feel you've done a good job with that character, but you just want to move onto someone else. We can honor what was, even if it no longer is. Each person in our life or character from our story helped pave the road that brought us to where we are today. For that, we can be grateful. 
Our time is coming to an end today - but before we get together again, leave a comment and answer one of these questions if you would please? 

**  If you've ever stepped away from a friend, what brought you to that decision? 

**  If you've ever considered writing another book about a beloved character but you decided against it; what played into that choice?

**  If you're a reader - tell us about a character you wish you could read more about and tell us why! (title of the book and author name would be fabulous too!

And with that - hugs my dear friend and until next time! You know we love hearing from you - if you don't feel comfortable commenting on this post, feel free to drop us a note - we love that too! (crystal@wow-womenonwriting.com )


Today's blogger is Crystal J. Casavant-Otto who is a hot mess of a momma and dairy farmer enjoying her little corner of the cornfield in Wisconsin! 


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