A Focus on Friendships - Part Two of Three

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Thanks for tuning in for part two of three on our focus on friendships. My favorite books are the ones where I feel most kindred to the characters. I finish those books and feel like I've had a visit with a dear friend. During Part One of our focus, we talked about feedback; giving it, receiving it, growing from it, walking away, considering the reason for the feedback, and MORE! In part two, let's talk about what draws us to certain people and pushes us away from others. 

 So - here goes - let's talk about friendships, shall we? This isn't me telling you what to do or not to do - it's just a conversation and hopefully it will offer each of us a little something. Grab your favorite beverage (I'll fill my coffee mug) and we can chat a bit. Stop back in a few weeks for part three publishing on the 6th of September!. If you're wondering, today's photo headline is me and my best friend celebrating our engagement over a decade ago - he still makes me smile like this! 

Let's start with a quote by English writer Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)



Isn't that an interesting concept (and clearly not a new one)? I think about this as I start a new book. I've never met these characters before, but if they feel familiar to me I am immediately drawn in. As authors, we need to keep this at the forefront of our craft and make sure those real life idiosyncrasies of each character make it to the page. Often, in our own mind we know our characters quite well, but we need to make sure they feel familiar to our readers as well. So - how do we best do this? By taking a look at what draws us to friendships off the page.

What is it about someone that draws us in and makes us decide they need to be part of our world? Is it an unexplainable energy or vibe, a welcoming smile, their posture? What makes them approachable (or how did they approach us - in the case of an introvert)? Think about these things and make sure they land on your page - your readers will thank you! And for non-writers; remember that the key to a healthy relationship of any kind is appreciating the other person; so as you read this, think about what it is you appreciate about those friends in your life - and get out there and tell them about it! Similarly, if you're a reader who has fallen in love with the characters written by a particular author - take a moment to thank them in a review! 

Our time is coming to an end today - but before we get together again, leave a comment and answer one of these questions if you would please? 

 ** Were you ever drawn to someone after initially thinking you didn't really care for them? What shifted? 

** Have you ever ended a friendship? Why and what feelings went along with that "break up"?

** What do you think is the key to a long lasting friendship?

And with that - hugs my dear friend and until next time!

Today's blogger is Crystal J. Casavant-Otto who is a hot mess of a momma and dairy farmer enjoying her little corner of the cornfield in Wisconsin! 


Anonymous said...

That's a tough one I've not thought about tremendously so yes I somewhat have he'll their have been times in my life where I have been severely shallow and there were in fact times I didn't give certain women the credit and thoughts they obviously deserved I hate to say but I so know that feeling now honestly I e came to the realization while it still stings the fact is I know I'm special I know where my heart is and I know or can kinda see where a friendship and or relationship will head within urggh ummm I know but anyways it's real anyhow there was one however I have kicked myself so many many times for not pursuing in fact at the time there was no need the bad part was I started the flirting then ugh I can't say I made a bad choice in a woman but j didn't break things off the right way I've thought about this girl from time to time about well multiple things idk if she ever thought I did or if she would forgive I have to blame it on being young and though I had a cute girl didn't mean you weren't pretty yourself just saying you
Even walked with me to classes sweetest chik ever Kristi can't remember last name but anyways that's my story hope it helps

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