Interview with Caroline Michalicki: Fall 2020 Flash Fiction Runner Up

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Today I am excited to talk with Caroline Michalicki, one of the runner-ups to the Fall 2020 Flash Fiction contest. Make sure you read her story Three Wishes then come on back and read our interview.

Caroline's bio:

Caroline gained confidence in her writing when her screenplay “The Journey” won honorable mention in the 2005 Maine International Screenwriters’ Competition. In 2008 her screenplay “Little Flames” was placed on the Hot List of Ten Best Scripts mentioned in Moviemakers Magazine. 

2009-2018 seven of her ultra short (150 words or less) fictions were published in The Binnacle affiliated with The University of Maine in Machias. Five of those stories won honorable mention while two won first place in Prose. 

Her completed novel is a fictitious memoir about of a nine-year old girl, in the year 1959, whose life changes after she witnesses a double murder. The manuscript gathers dust waiting to be published.

Recently widowed, Caroline lives in rural Georgia with her two dogs surrounded by horses and cows. She joyfully substitute teaches as she waits to migrate back to New England.

Interview by Nicole Pyles

WOW: First congrats on winning runner-up in the flash fiction contest! What inspired my story?

Caroline: My grandfather was from Bohutyn. He was the cantor/professor of the local church. One of his duties was to play St. Nicolas. My father told me the story of one Christmas, as he sat unknowingly upon his father's lap, he looked down at St. Nicolas' feet and asked why he was wearing his father's boots. 

WOW: What an incredible moment! How did it change from the first draft to the final draft?

Caroline: It was going to have a happy ending, but decided to go darker.

WOW: You are such a success with flash and ultra flash fiction. What is your secret?

Caroline: I think of words as money. It's like going to the grocery store with a limited amount of cash.  You buy only what you need with what you have.

WOW: I love that perspective. How are you doing with your novel? Have you been able to submit it lately?

Caroline: My novel has been read by seven acquaintances all who love it. That's as far as it has gone. I need to find the right avenue to take it down.

WOW: A good start! How does being a substitute help with your writing?

Caroline: The very young children get their thoughts across with a limited vocabulary. They think with clear minds. My husband always advised me to take the 'junk' words out of my stories. Think like a child.

WOW: What a good way to think. Thank you for your time and best of luck with your writing!


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