Wishwork by Alexa Fischer (Reader Review And Giveaway)

Monday, June 01, 2020
We are proud to present a special reader review event with author Alexa Fischer, featuring her book Wishwork. Read the reviews of this inspiring book, an interview with the author, and enter to win a copy of the book and a bracelet.

First, about the book Wishwork:

What is your greatest wish? Do you want a new job? An influx of new clients? Zero credit card debt? A strong, healthy body? A passionate, exciting marriage? More free-time to relax in your backyard with a great book? You don't need a miracle to make your wish a reality. With Wishwork, you will visualize your #1 wish, write it down, focus on it, and take action for 21 days in a row to make your wish come true.

Work for your wish: Alexa Fischer (TV and film actress, entrepreneur, and founder of Wishbeads, a fast-growing jewelry company) is your guide on this 21-day journey. You’ll complete simple daily action steps and record your experiences, feeling your positivity and optimism grow with each passing day. Wishwork gently reminds readers that wishes don’t just magically come true without any effort whatsoever—you’ve got to put in some work!

Wishwork will motivate you to get off the couch, turn off Netflix, get moving, cultivate a positive mindset, and make your #1 wish come true—while keeping the process fun and uplifting, not daunting. Life's too short to wait on the universe to grant your wishes. Alexa will walk you through simple but life changing steps to grant them yourself!
  • Make a wish
  • Do the work
  • Watch it come true
What WOW's readers said -

"I'll admit, the brevity of this little book made me a bit skeptical. But, digging into the daily prompts and following the action steps gave me a shift in my own journey that I haven't been able to get anywhere else!

I'm a writer who has been struggling with the plot of my novel-in-progress for TEN MONTHS. Enter the action step that Alexa gives on Day Two: creating a playlist of songs that "inspire me to take action on my wish." I began listening to my playlist during daily walks, on my commute to work, and even during my showers. After a few days, my fictional characters started talking to me and I was inspired to pick up my pen again and continue crafting my novel! After being stuck for TEN MONTHS, you guys! This is huge!

My wish is Big and understandably will take several years to reach. But I'm happy to say that the 21-day journey that Wishwork provides was the jump-start I needed to set me back on this path! A little book with an impact! I highly recommend it."

- Mary Jo Campbell

"What a fun way to get what you want! I have always believed you get what you focus on and that is the key to this book. It starts by guiding you to determine what it is you most desire - your wish. Then, over the course of 21 days, there is work to be done. Don't worry, it's not hard work, but it IS important. By being grateful for what you have, helping others, noticing the beauty around you, and more, you will also get closer to seeing your own wish come true! Lined pages are included in the book for each 21-day prompt."

- Michelle Cornish

"Small book yet really powerful. It made me reflect on what I really wanted to achieve and inspired me to go after it. This book gives that much needed “push” to get things done. Honest, relatable, and a great source of motivation. It’s something you’ll want read over and over. A life manual."

- Rozelyn de Sagun

"This journal is so helpful when it comes to manifesting goals and dreams. I love that it lays the framework needed to realize your goals and make them happen. In these days of uncertainty this book is wonderful for lifting spirits and letting hope prevail!"

- Sara Lehman

"This book probably couldn't have come around at the right time, not just for me, but for a lot of people, I'm sure. It's hard to stay focused at any given time, but with all the craziness in our lives today, it is that much harder. What's also hard is staying positive about things enough to want to wish for anything more. That is why this book is so handy; it will help you focus on the things that mean the most to you, the things you wish for and maybe, somewhere down the line, a better life. Who wouldn't want that, right? Now, to make that wish..."

- Margay Justice 

"I’ve always believed that everything you need to find your true calling is contained within you. Identifying your desires and dreams is the first step to figuring out your life’s path, and belief in yourself is what you need to make it happen. Wishing is another form of manifesting and positive thinking, and the brain is a mysterious and powerful tool. So I was delighted to read Alexa Fischer’s tiny-but-powerful Wishwork book!

One of the first stories she shares is how she came up with the idea for her business, Wishbeads, and her relentless pursuit to make it happen. As a fellow entrepreneur, I enjoyed her story and admired her tenacity; plus, those bracelets are not only clever but gorgeous! The name of this book, Wishwork, is the process of wishing, then working to make that wish come true.

This book is a 21-day workbook where you spend each day visualizing and journaling to various prompt questions—everything from finding songs to shift your mood into action to tackling inner resistance. There are daily sections to “witness” and “write”—the “witness” prompt is about observing the world and how you are present in it; while the “write” prompt is about action, a time to focus on one task that will help you move closer to your goals, or an exercise in reflection, where you discover something about yourself. Working through the exercises provided a much needed space for self-discovery. I have two big, long-term goals (including a memoir), and it finally occurred to me that I could combine them. You'll uncover your own revelations as you work through her book.

I enjoyed Alexa’s anecdotes about life, her family, and her "glass half full" thinking. There’s a story about her mom counting green lights that made me smile. Alexa says that one of the many lessons her mom taught her is that life wants you to win. There's a contagious positivity to this book; and the philosophy is similar to the Law of Attraction, but better. The observation and writing exercises invite the opportunity for deep personal reflection.

This book has a ripple effect of goodness. Reading it will inspire you to act. Follow your dreams, say them out loud, and change your life."

- Angela Mackintosh

Wishwork is available to purchase at Amazon, Thriftbooks, and Wishbeads.com. You can also add this book to your reading list at GoodReads.com.


To win a copy of the book Wishwork by Alexa Fischer and a bracelet, please enter using Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post. Giveaway ends on June 7th at 11:59 PM EST. We will announce the winner the next day on the Rafflecopter widget. Good luck!

About the Author, Alexa Fischer

Alexa Fischer is the founder of Wishbeads, a company with a mission: to inspire millions of people to make exciting wishes, take action, put in the work, and make those wishes come true.

In addition to running Wishbeads, she also works as a TV/film actress and public speaking coach. She lives in Santa Monica, CA with her husband, two kids, a white fluffy rescue dog, and a bright red 1961 Shasta Airflyte trailer which serves as her outdoor office. You can find Alexa's creations at Wishbeads.com and the rest of her work at AlexaFischer.com.

-- Interview by Nicole Pyles

WOW: First of all congratulations on your book Wishwork! Tell me, what was your writing process like?

Alexa: Believe me when I tell you that the thought of writing a book was daunting. I’m a mom and wife, I run two businesses, and I’m a fan of having just a wee bit of personal time as well! Once I decided to make the commitment to write my book, I had to find a structure that worked with my life. I can sum up my approach in two words - TINY GOALS. My editor, Alexandra Franzen, guided me through the process and we created ridiculous easy goals. I broke the entire outline for the book into tiny assignments and then put each assignment (or goal) into my calendar. I actually never felt like I was writing a book at all! It just seemed like another task to handle on my to-do list, like writing a newsletter or promotional email. There it was, the task for the week, and when I would sit down to write, I merely focused on the task at hand. Boom, in a handful of months, an entire book was completed! Simple actions, done consistently create epic results. It was my writing process as well as the essence of the power of Wishwork.

WOW: That's amazing! Tell me about why you decided to write this book.

Alexa: I’ve always been passionate about helping people unlock their brilliance so they can live of life of their dreams. When I created my intention-setting jewelry line, Wishbeads, I realized that I could offer even more support beyond the jewelry itself. By writing your wish, tucking it inside the cylinder, you have a visible reminder to stay focused on your goals, but I knew deep down that wishes require WORK for them to come true. Now, the work doesn’t have to be tedious or overwhelming, it mostly involves a shift in perspective and some encouragement to keep going. Instead of habitually thinking the world is against you or that you don’t have what it takes to make your dreams come true, the Wishwork guides you through a process of self-discovery, where you're invited to experience the world differently - noticing signs and opportunities of connection - to help you see how your thoughts are in fact creating your reality. You experience firsthand the power of intention and the law of attraction. It works!

WOW: I absolutely love that. Writers face so much rejection and criticism. It can be hard to remain positive! What advice would you have for writers who are trying to combat the negativity that surrounds them? 

Alexa: I used to be a professional actress, so I know all about rejection! It was just part of the process. If you had loads of no’s, then that meant you were out there doing your job, showing up at audio after audition. Of course, rejections don’t feel good, but what feels far worse is to let the fear of rejection stop you from pursuing your dreams. When you feel negative thoughts pulling to stop and stay stuck, you simply remember all the reasons why you want to write in the first place. All the people who need to hear your words and your desire to share them with the world. When you re-connect to why you want to write your book in the first place, you shut down your inner naysayer and tap into your power to KEEP GOING. Winners are simply people who never quit.

WOW: I completely agree! What is the importance of loving ourselves and how does that help with our wellbeing?

Alexa: Let me ask you, this morning when you saw your face in the mirror, what was the first thought that popped into your head? “Looking good, superstar!” Or perhaps, “Today is going to be a great day.” If you’re like most people, you likely mutter something closer to, “Oh my god I look tired..”, “Ugh, my eyes are so puffy.” or “My hair looks terrible.” Sound familiar? I’m not sure when we all learned that it's ok to be our worst critic, but all those negative comments drain our energy and zap us of our personal power. Imagine the difference in how you would feel if you were fueled by love instead? When you see yourself in the mirror, offer yourself some encouragement! There is no need to wait for love and affection. Give it to yourself and use that positive, loving energy to fuel your work and life.

WOW: Yes! Negativity is so incredibly draining. What do you hope readers take away from reading your book? 

Alexa: I hope that everyone who reads my book makes their wishes come true! I hope they learn how to have the courage to envision their life - as if everything felt just right - as if they were already living their wish - so they have a roadmap to get exactly what they want in life. By visualizing their wish, writing it down, and then following it up with 21 days of simple action steps, they'll experience firsthand how much their destiny is in their own hands. Happiness is a birthright. It’s time to re-invent wishing so it’s a skill everyone can have to build a better future, today.

***** BOOK GIVEAWAY *****

To win a copy of the book Wishwork by Alexa Fischer and a bracelet, please enter using Rafflecopter at the below. Giveaway ends on June 7th at 11:59 PM EST. We will announce the winner the next day on the Rafflecopter widget. Good luck!

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Veronica said...

Thanks for the reminder about rejection. I recall reminding myself that if I wanted to be a writer, I would need to wallpaper a room of my home in rejection letters. Okay, so I'm not sure how to do that with electronic responses, now that Submittable is the norm, but surely, there's a way to keep that same sort of pride in gathering rejection after rejection, and most importantly, cherishing those "good" rejections when they come home to roost. The ones that come with a personal note, a bit of advice, or a quickly jotted, "almost!" on the notes table. :)

Somewhere along the way I had started to let rejection hurt. Thank you for the reminder that rejection *is* progress.

Angela Mackintosh said...

Alexa, I love your book! It's so positive and motivating. I also have my eye on a couple bracelets--the black lava one is particularly unique.

You make a good point about connecting with the WHY of wanting to write your book. I constantly have to remind myself of it, because the process of writing memoir is a long, arduous, and emotional one, and sometimes it doesn't feel worth the effort. But if you have a strong why it'll help you keep going.

I also love how you said, "happiness is a birthright." I've really never thought of it that way, but you're right. Even though the world may feel crazy right now and out of our control, at least we can control our outlook.

Thank you for the interview and sharing your heart with us! :)

Sioux Roslawski said...

Nicole--Thanks for doing this review. Alexa is obviously an intriguing person to interview.

Angela--I hope that working on your memoir helps YOU as you process and reflect on your past and your experiences. However, memoir also has the power to heal and help others. Please think about that when you're stumbling in the drafting process, wondering if you should just quit. I think your observations and lessons would be invaluable to readers.

Alexa--I have been struggling with meeting a goal. I've gotten myself stuck in a rut. Perhaps your book would be the nudge I need?

Tabby72 said...

I think it's important to learn from rejection and to separate that from who you are as a person, in order to move forward! This sounds like an interesting book!

Heather Swanson said...

I believe you can wish it into existence!

intensev5 said...

thanks for the chance to win. I wish for some peace and happiness in the world right now.
Marlene V.

SharonC said...

How would you compare your book to The Secret?

rajee said...

will it manifest my heart desires?

Antoinette M said...

This book sounds wonderful! Thank you for the review/interview.

Wanda B said...

I totally agree that negativity is draining. I sure try to stay away from that around me. Have a wonderful weekend.

lilyk said...

This book looks very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

Deb C said...

Thanks for sharing. I have some dreams I want to work on and this book may help me achieve them.

Toni said...

This is exactly what i need in my life. I feel so lost and overwhelmed.

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