Interview with Stephanie Scissom, Spring 2019 Flash Fiction Contest Runner Up

Tuesday, October 29, 2019
Stephanie’s Bio:

Stephanie Scissom hails from Altamont, TN. She plots murder by day and works nights in a tire factory. She’s published in romantic suspense and horror and is currently working on an apocalyptic trilogy.

If you haven't done so yet, check out Stephanie's story, "Murmurations." and then return here for a chat with the author.

WOW:  What was the inspiration behind “Murmurations”? What led you to write this intriguing story?

Stephanie: I work night shift and as I was coming home one morning, I saw a beautiful, complex murmuration over a field. I pulled over to watch it for awhile. I wanted to try a story that pulsed like they did. They move like the waves of the ocean.

WOW: A big part of writing flash fiction is getting the right balance between what is revealed and what is hidden until just the right moment. How did you create this balance in your story?

Stephanie: I wanted the reader to think she was a runaway returning home after some time-- details about how her parents had changed, how her home had changed, her wistfulness and lack of memory.

WOW: You certainly succeeded in fooling this reader! Your final line in “Murmurations” is so powerful. How did you know this was the right ending?

Stephanie: I wanted her thoughts to move like the starlings--strong at times, then weaker, surging and then escaping her. She confronts a very grim memory, then her thoughts retreat, calming her. I have an editor friend who told me she cried at the last line and I knew I wanted to stop there.

WOW: What excellent advice. What advice do you have for our readers who are new to writing flash fiction? 

Stephanie: I think flash fiction is such a great learning device, no matter what length of story you're writing. You learn what's important to keep and cut the unnecessary. I write a lot of flash. One recent story was only 42 words long, and I do a lot of drabbles (100 words exactly).

WOW:  Only 42 words would definitely be a challenge.  Tell us about your future writing plans. Where should our readers look for your work?

Stephanie: I'm working on an apocalyptic trilogy about a battle of angels--a tragic, desperate Lucifer battling to save the only person he still cares about-- his tortured wife, Abigail. Details about forthcoming publications can be found here on Facebook. 

WOW:  Good luck with your trilogy and your other work which will definitely inspire our writers to try their hand at horror and other spooky stories.

Interviewed by Muffin blogger and WOW instructor Sue Bradford Edwards.


Tom Crepeau said...

I can see why your chilling story placed in this contest. I think it's ready to publish. Boy, did this one hit me this morning.

Thank you.

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