Is What You Do Different from What You Are?

Wednesday, July 04, 2012
Growing up, defining my parents was very easy. My father was an electrician and had been for my entire life. My mother was a teacher. That, as they say, was that. Recently, I began wondering what my children say if they are asked about me. There are so many options. I do many things.

First, I work as a Marketing and Community Services Department Assistant for my local newspaper. Sounds fancy, doesn't it? But I'm more like the secretary who does a little bit of everything...write the employee newsletter, help organize contests for subscribers, even sort books donated for the annual book sale to raise funds for programs the newspaper organizes for local students. It is also the type of job that has all those lovely things like medical insurance, pension plans, and paid vacation.

Second, I organize WOW Blog Tours which is grand fun but which most people (read: my mother) don't really understand unless they are in the publishing industry.

Third, I do freelance writing. Everything from magazine writing to paid blogging to book reviews. Even the occasional teaching or speaking gig sharing my writing expertise.

Fourth, I weave worlds of adventure. Of course the problem is there never seems to be enough time after the first three to focus on this fourth love. Because yes, that is what I love. That is truly what I AM. So why is so much of my time spent doing other things? I've asked myself that a thousand times.

It is time to begin putting my writing first. If I don't, who will? I want to soon be at the place where the immediate answer to

"What do you do?"


"I am a writer."

It is time to set real goals. Goals like: By the end of the year I will be actively sending out my YA novel to agents and publishers and working on my mystery.

What goals have you set lately? How will you reach them?


Freelance Writer's Guild said...

Great read. Thank you for sharing this.

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