Interview with Renee Troxler, Winter 2012 Flash Fiction Runner Up

Tuesday, July 24, 2012
When I read Renee Troxler's flash fiction piece, Sisters, I was reminded of a basic premise in dramatic tragedy: revenge takes many forms, can control you and your actions. And, I couldn't read quickly enough to reach the final line of this piece. Chilling!

Interview conducted by LuAnn Schindler

If you haven't had the opportunity to read Sisters, check out Renee's story on the contest page, then come back and discover more about this talented writer.

Renee Troxler lives in Austin, Texas. She is currently pursuing her secondary teacher certification in English. She enjoys writing short fiction, stage, and screenplays. She recently placed in two international writing competitions, as well as made it to the Best of FronteraFest original play festival with a collaborative piece that she also acted in. She is currently writing a web series she’d like to produce in Austin within the year.

WOW: Renee, welcome to The Muffin! Congrats on receiving honorable mention for your story. When I read a piece, one of the first questions I consider is 'What's the story behind the story?'. How did you develop this idea for "Sisters"?

Renee: I read an article about a Mormon compound that had been raided, and the children had all been taken away and put into protective custody. I started thinking about what it would be like for a young person to be raised in a sort of vacuum with no idea of the outside world or present day values.

WOW: When the HBO series "Big Love" was running, I found it interesting, mainly due to the writing: multiple conflicting plot lines and depth of characters. Now, "Sister Wives" is popular. Why do you think readers and viewers find this type of programming intriguing and intricate?

Renee: I think these shows give us a different viewpoint on a subject that many people have already made up their mind about. I like storylines and characters that make you think about your own prejudices.

WOW: Excellent insight. Preconceived notions can be always be debunked. Your author bio mentions participation in a play festival. What draws you to playwriting? And, what was the subject of your award-winning play?

Renee: I like the immediacy of plays. Once one is written, it pretty much immediately needs to be performed, or at least read aloud. Plays can't just be read like a book. They are living things! The play I took part in was a collaboration piece between me, two magicians, and two musicians. It was funny, musical, and magical.

WOW: Sounds fun...and challenging! You're also involved in a web series. This makes me curious. What's the creative process?

Renee: I'm still in the writing stage of the series. Once I'm finished with the first season, me and my team of weekend filmmakers will start the filming and editing process. I got interesting in doing a web series after I watched "The Guild", a series created by and staring Felicia Day. I like how low-budget they can be, and the fact that each episode is usually 10 minutes or less makes the whole process seem less intimidating.

WOW: Agreed! I'm going to check out "The Guild" now. I know you live in Austin, which is known for as an artistic and culturally-rich city. How does that type of atmosphere foster your creative process?

Renee: Austin is wonderful. It's full of artists, writers, performers, etc. It seems like everyone has something creative going on. It's really easy to find like-minded people who want to join in on a project of yours, or collaborate on something new and fresh. It's very refreshing.

WOW: This kind of creative vibe would be so beneficial! We're just a bit past the mid-point of 2012. What are your writing goals for the remainder of the year?

Renee: I want to finish the script for my potential web series, and I also have a screenplay idea on the back burner that I plan to start before the year is out.

WOW: You're a busy, busy writer. Do you have a website to direct readers to?

Renee: Not yet, but soon, I hope!

WOW: You'll tackle that creative goal, too. Thanks again, Renee, for taking time from your hectic schedule. And, congrats on your writing awards. 


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