HEY WRITING MOMS: Here's How to Balance Life As a Writing Mom

Sunday, June 17, 2012
Writing is something I have done for as long as I remember so no matter what else is going on, I’ve just found the time somehow. But I know that can be tough for other writing moms out there.

It truly is about balance. I’ve written a couple of times here on The Muffin about how and where to fit in that precious writing time. Those of us who are writing moms seem to have less time to get those word counts pounded out, but it’s there. You just have to grab it when it finds you.

The first thing you have to do is make the choice to make writing at the top of your 'To Do' list. For me, writing is much more than a hobby. It gives me the energy to tackle all the other things I have to face in my day, including my mom duties. By prioritizing it at the top of my 'To Do' list, it’ll get worked into the daily routine. If you can do that, it will happen.

Next, you need to make writing a family thing. By making writing a part of your daily routine, your family will understand that at some point in the day, Mom gets to have her writing time. You may not always have the same time each day, or the amount of time you’d like, but eventually it becomes a part of the routine as much as making lunch or doing the laundry.

But you also have to understand what you can handle and be sure to set realistic goals. Do what you can when you can and accept that’s good enough.

Ask yourself this, “What activities am I doing right now that I don’t really need to/want to be doing?” If you got rid of some of those commitments that you already make time for, but don't enjoy doing, you could squeeze writing into those slots instead. 

We all have snippets of time during the day when we can steal a few minutes to do a bit of writing. Nap time? Earlier in the morning? Waiting to pick the kids up from school or an activity? While they’re watching their favorite television program? When they’re all getting along and playing well? Can you stay up a little later? I’ve even written entire blog posts with my youngest sitting right in my lap. It can be done. Just grab onto those moments when they’re given to you.

Balancing life as a writing mom really is about making the decision that writing is important enough to you to squeeze into your already crazy life, then being strong enough to make it happen. It’s so easy to make up excuses not to get to it, trust me I’ve been there. But think about all the other things you seem to get done and make time for. You can be a successful writing mom. It’s all in a day’s work.
This post had snippets of advice I gave on the Thoughts In Progress blog during my blog tour for WOW. I think some of these points could prove useful to some of my fellow Mommy Writers out there so I'm hoping you don't mind my sharing again.

Happy Writing!


Kirstie said...

I love the picture, it's like you snuck into my house and took some pictures of my table.
Personally I write during nap time and a wonderful chunk of time between when my 17 month old son wakes for his morning feed (around 5:30am) and when he and my husband actually get up for the day (around 7:30).
Strangely enough I have achieved more in my writing life since my son was born because he gives me the determination to make every second count. I spend a lot less time playing video games and lazing in front of the TV than I did pre-baby, most likely because if I did I'd never get anything done.

LuAnn Schindler said...

It's not just working moms who have to balance time. So do writers who also work a part- or full-time job AND have children! And, so does this writer grandma, whose summer vacay has been spent babysitting. :)

It's about making writing a priority, no matter what role we find ourselves in. If we're serious, we make the time. And I'm glad we writers do!

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