Friday Speak Out!: Transfer Your Confidence, Guest Post by Penny Wilkes

Friday, June 01, 2012
Transfer Your Confidence
by Penny Wilkes

I feel uneasy when considering a roller coaster ride. I shudder to think about the ups, downs, and sharp corners. How my stomach would lurch from riding in a tin can on wheels. Is this how you feel when facing a challenging writing project? What if you could focus on successful areas of life and transfer those feelings to writing when frustrated?

Try this idea when feeling down about writing: list five techniques you use to feel confident and successful in aspects of life. What does this state of confidence feel like? Use all five senses to explore this idea.

For example, my strengths include:

l. I have positive DNA and believe in taking one more step or writing one more word toward a successful outcome.

2. I’m a creative problem solver. When facing a challenge I ask, “In what ways can I solve this?”

3. I possess stamina and the ability to play. With these skills I can outlast almost anything.

4. Humor vincit omnia (humor conquers all). I can access my funny bone in times of desperation.

5. Writing assists all my strengths.

During the years of playing competitive tennis, I always felt I could outlast my opponents. My conditioning and ability to remain confident under pressure helped train my mind to stay in a zone. I also used this technique in later years when I ran marathons.

During writing sessions, I never stop when tired of a project. I will write until I do not want to stop. Ending in a flow creates positive conditioning that ensures a return to the blank page.

If you access feelings of success in other aspects of life, it will assist you to face writing challenges. If the confidence level is transferred, you can learn to feel the same thrill when problem solving in writing.

How to Apply the Concept of Transference to Your Writing

Choose an area of life that enables you to experience joy and success. Are you a gourmet cook? Do you grow orchids? Do you race in triathlons or run marathons?

In what ways do these skills enable you to develop confidence in yourself? How do you risk and make mistakes in your area of expertise?

What skills do you use in successful areas of life that will transfer to your writing process?

Do a freewrite and let yourself write whatever comes to mind when answering these questions. When you’ve completed this writing, go in and make a list of key words that define your abilities to meet challenges in your areas of expertise.

Take a piece of writing that has caused frustration. Transfer the skills you wrote about to push this writing into a new direction.

Penny Wilkes, a professor of nature writing, has published three poetry collections, personal essays, humor and travel articles. She also combines words and nature photography. Her writing and photography blogs include: and ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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