Script Frenzy vs. Life

Thursday, April 07, 2011
Yeah, that was me after I got home from work yesterday. Except my robe was navy (I don't do pink). And I wear glasses. And it was night. You get the picture. Anyway, it's seven days into the first full week of Script Frenzy and I'm--behind. Life, as it tends to do, has intruded into my carefully-laid plans to write like a maniac this month.

It was perfect. Character sketches, logline and plot were completed. Script writing software waited to be activated. Friends were alerted of my limited availability. A supply of dark chocolate, assorted teas, and wine were on hand. April 1st arrived and I, along with countless 'Screnzy'ers', got to work. The momentum continued through the weekend, with short breaks to go food shopping and to church. Then, Monday arrived and back to work I went.

Sounds familiar? Probably, if you're a writer. You learn to make time to write whenever you can and wherever you may be. That's the only way to grow into your craft, finish your projects and ultimately, earn money. At the day job that means knocking something out during my lunch break. Yesterday, I worked on dialogue and conflict between protagonist and antagonist. A couple of days ago while zoning out on the commute home, a few ideas started crawling around in my brain and when I got home, I had the end of my script. You never know when ideas appear, so I keep a notebook handy.

I'm looking forward to this weekend full of writing. Having taken a couple of scriptwriting workshops in the past few months and studying the scripts of various movies and T.V. shows has been helpful. When Monday rolls around, the day job and rest of life taking up where it left off, the Frenzy will patiently wait for a convenient time for us to meet and create. So will I. In the Frenzy vs. life conflict, sometimes the Frenzy wins, sometimes life does. Now, if you will excuse me, my script--and some chocolate calls.

By Jill Earl


Kirsten Cliff said...

Yes! One week down! :)

I'm doing the poetry prompts at InkSeeds this month, which is so much more than just a poetry exercise: it's a conversation with your soul. Which is exactly why I'm doing it!

Good luck with Script Frenzy!


Jill said...


Thank you! Just checked both your blog and website--your poetry is AMAZING!!

Best of luck to you with PAD and the anthology!


Kirsten Cliff said...

Thanks so much for checking out my sites, Jill. I really appreciate that :)

Jill said...


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