Friday Speak Out!: 3 Tips to a Successful Audio Interview, Guest Post by Dana Pittman

Friday, April 29, 2011
3 Tips to a Successful Audio Interview

by Dana Pittman

I love talking. I'm not sure whether it's a virtue or a fault. However, I turned my favorite pastime into a vital component of my business. I interview authors for my podcasts (Nia Promotions Podcast and Reading, Writing and Rants). Often I am asked the "How Tos" of interviewing which are simply narrowed down to three key requirements for having a great interview about your book.

1. Relax.

You have to relax.

The open line communicates a lot to listeners. They can hear your anxiety, nervousness, excitement. They will know through your voice whether you are likeable--likeable enough to continue listening, which is the reason you want to have a successful interview.

Relieving yourself of tension and placing aside your concerns about the interview should help calm any anxieties you have. Your comfort can dictate the overall vibe of the interview, assisting in an ease that will help listeners, hopefully, convert to readers.

I would suggest preparing before the interview. Not rehearsed responses but maybe having a cup of tea or taking a quick walk around the neighborhood. Then look to your environment. Sitting in a comfortable chair instead of your desk may assist as well.

2. Know Your Work.

I interview mainstream to indie authors. For an author published by a traditional publishing house I could be asking questions about a book they wrote almost two years prior. I feel bad for them because it makes them fidget and stumble over their responses.

You should know your work. Or consider reading your book before starting your promotional campaign.

Get reacquainted with your characters and the themes in your book. This is what carries an interview. It makes #1 (relax) happen with ease because you and the interviewer now have something in common--your book.

3. Listen to Previous Interviews

I strongly encourage interviewees and their publicists to listen to my archives. I like to have fun. Laugh. Giggle. I've even cried a time or two. But this type of interview does not mesh well with everyone. Listening to prior shows will help you determine if a show or interviewer pair well with you and/or your book.

Sitting through an uncomfortable interview is worse than not having the interview at all. Why? Because it usually feels forced. Listeners go to another show and you leave the experience determined to stay away from podcasts and internet radio shows.

Save yourself the grief and research the show. The numbers of listeners are important but not more important than your ability to share your work with others.

In conclusion, audio interviews about your book are a fantastic, and affordable, way to connect with readers. Make the most of them. And if you ever feel like talking, consider swinging my way.

* * *
Dana Pittman is an author and host for Nia Promotions Podcast and Reading, Writing, and Rants podcast. She enjoys reading, writing, crocheting, and running...and not in that order. She plans to read, write, and talk her way into every household she can. Dana is married with two kids and resides in Texas.


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Lee Romano Sequeira said...

Love these points Dana.

Funnt, I was just a guest on BlogTalkRadio show today to chat about my blog, and I was a bit nervous before hand. I had a glass of water, relaxes a bit and once we started, it was a breeze.
(but I'll still keep this article handy).

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