Everybody's Talking About Surprises

Wednesday, March 16, 2011
Today bloggers everywhere are talking about surprises! Why surprises? Because we're celebrating Kristina McMorris's debut novel Letters from Home that contains a multitude of surprises.

Letters from Home (Kensington, March 1, 2011) takes places in the midst of World War II, a Midwestern infantryman falls deeply in love through a yearlong letter exchange, unaware that the girl he's been writing to is not the one replying.

The blogs listed below have agreed to share their stories, essays, poems, photos, or other means of creative expression on the topic of surprises. We really have no idea what's coming (it's a surprise!), but we can't wait to find out. The only guidelines we provided were to write about surprises--anything from planning a surprise party to your favorite movie surprise ending to winning the third grade spelling bee with the word "surprise".

A few things we do know are that these are all fantastic blogs and each time you visit a blog on the list you can enter to win the Everybody's Talking About Surprises prize. The grand winner will receive a personalized copy of Letters from Home, a Big Band CD, Victory Garden seeds, and more compliments of author Kristina McMorris! So check out the blogs listed below throughout the day and don't forget to tell your friends. We can't wait to read the surprise posts.

Everybody's Talking About Surprises

Participating Blogs

What a fabulous turnout! We want to thank all of our blogging friends for participating in this special day. Kristina thanks you as well and sends lots of love. Following this post Kristina will be sharing about how a gift for a dear family member led to one surprise after another, including her debut novel Letters from Home. Don't miss this post that shows how inspiration is just around the corner.

Well, don't waste any time...visit these amazing blogs and read their surprise posts. Let ready to smile, cry, and laugh out loud. See you on the blogosphere. Hope your day is full of surprises!


Friend Grief said...

Just put up my surprises post! Looking forward to reading others!

Kristina McMorris said...

No wonder your site is called WOW. I'm so delighted by all the participants and can't wait to see what they've posted regarding surprises!

____ said...

I had so much fun writing about surprises! Thanks so much for including me and I look forward to reading more from WoW!

Hannah said...

Thanks, Linda (Words from the Heart) for introducing me to....more surprises! Hannah

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