Vacation With Your Writer-Radar On

Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm back. Of course, it was a working vacation. Are you green with envy wondering if my trip was comped by the Disney Company? Not exactly. Guessing which travel magazine bought a magazine article? None. Hoping I'd share everything I'd learned at the writer's conference held at Disney World? Sorry, no writer's conference.

What I did do was use my travel to get a new viewpoint on issues, meet some new people, and learn about some new issues. To do that I read local newspapers, talked to fellow travelers, and met the locals. I came home with a mound of dirty laundry and ideas for several stories/sources.

  1. Met a woman who lost over 100 pounds in under a year with no surgery or special diet, just exercise and moderate eating.
  2. Met a woman who is starting her own photography business.
  3. Learned about a mentor program for minorities in Georgia.
  4. Learned about a controversial campaign to make a small South Carolina town smoke-free.
  5. Learned about an unusual use for leftover pecan shells.
  6. Learned about Coca-Cola's habit of making different flavored "Coke" for different countries. Would you believe ginger, honey, and strawberry flavors?
  7. Experienced the wildly upbeat Disney attitude which must somehow tie in to a business article.
  8. Two sides of the same coin: I met people vacationing in Disney with babies(one was a 10 week old) and older couples horrified by the thought of bringing babies to Disney.
  9. Met a turtle who was rescued by Disney scientists that developed a taste for plastic while in the wild and had to have an operation as a result. He'll be returning to the wild--hopefully to eat more healthy meals.
  10. And we won't even mention the several ideas for personal essays I have from my travels.
While traveling, I usually carry a tiny notebook. In the front are tips such as where to sit on Splash Mountain and not get wet(a plus for me). I fill the back with ideas that occur to me and contact info for people I meet. Enjoy your time off but don't turn off your writer-radar. You might just run into a great story.

Now, since I took notes can I deduct the trip as a business expense? I wonder...

Jodi Webb is an organizer for WOW Blog Tours and, if you are a blogger, she's taking her last registrations for the Letters from Home Blogging Event on March 16. Contact her at . Also, stop by her blog Words by Webb where she gives away books and writing advice.


Unknown said...

Great post, Jodi!
It is a timely one for many with March break school holidays and summer not far away.
I usually take a notebook with me but your idea to organize it with front and back notes is great!

Stephanie said...

Great post!! I travel to Disney World quite frequently and always carry a journal with me!! If you're interested, check out my disney Blog: We are always meeting interesting people there...amazing how quickly you can bond with poeple while waiting in line or waiting for the parade to start!!

Cayla Kluver said...

Tax deductions... a writer's best friend. ;) This article really snapped my brain into gear - I'm going to Pennsylvania over the weekend to meet a LOT of people and all I'd been thinking about what that I wouldn't be able to work on my MS while I was gone. But I CAN work on my writer-ly-ness! Thank you Jodi!

Betty Craker Henderson said...

Just got back from a trip with granddaughter. Didn't try and take notes but kept a journal of sorts and using it to post on my blog. Hadn't thought about articles but might be useful. Will think on it. Thanks...I enjoyed this article.

Minnette Meador said...

Sounds like an amazing trip. Hoping to go to Italy next year and do the exact same thing. I understand most of them speak English, but I'm working on my Italian. I just discovered your blog and love it. Keep up the good work! Minnette :o)

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