Hocus-Pocus Focus

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Focus is like hocus-pocus. The day disappears before our very eyes. Hocus-pocus and other such charms were words said as a distraction technique ('busying the senses'). 

Writers perform hocus-pocus. Procrastination, not having the desire to write or no time to write are three things that cause focus lost. The goal is fuzzy, like looking through an out of focus camera lens. Make adjustments to bring goals back into focus. Stop busying your senses.

Procrastination (Things not to do)
  1. Check Facebook every three minutes
  2. Play a quick game (or ten) of Bejeweled or Solitaire.
  3. Watch TV.
  4. Count the snowflakes/raindrops/stars.
  5. Take your third bath of the day.

No Desire to Write
  1. Join a critique group.
  2. Analyze someone else’s work.
  3. Read a novel.
  4. Try a new genre
  5. Use a notebook and pen for a change

No Time to Write
  1. Keep a journal of where you spend your time.
  2. Turn off phone.
  3. Don't connect to the internet.
  4. Write in smaller blocks of time.
  5. Make the writing project easy to access.

Anastasia Pryanikova says procrastination can be productive. Use procrastination to organize your thoughts and assess a situation objectively, to create a time-management system for your future actions, to motivate yourself for success, and to create a mind map of your project. To find out more about productive procrastination go to the Five Ways To Procrastinate With Purpose.

 If a writer has the desire to be successful and prolific, a clear focus on writing needs to be a priority. Another way to stay focused and motivated is to take classes, workshops or work through a writing workbook. Find writing exercises and different ways to hone your skills. Work on more than one project at a time. Momentum plays a big role in writing; start it flowing and keep it flowing. Don't let hocus-pocus slip into your writing life. 



Anonymous said...

this was good. just gotta stay off FACEBOOK LOL

Cher'ley said...

That's what Talking Tom says all the time. "Get off Facebook and make some Brownies."

Cayla Kluver said...

Fantastic. Just what I needed to give me a kick in the pants! I'm getting off the internet now, haha. ;)

Cher'ley said...

I didn't realize cleaning out my Picasa account would delete my photos on Blogger. I don't know of a way to get them back.

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