Museunication: Understanding Your Muse (as told to Robyn Chausse by Sprite Bobbins)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010
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Born of gods and water nymphs, the muse is cousin to the sprite and faery. Can you imagine the ego of a god and the playfulness of a sprite? Eesh!

People think their muse isn’t talking to them. Usually they just aren’t listening; either that or they ignored the muse for so long that now they are getting the mute-muse treatment.Like any pixie, the muse wants--above all else--to be wanted…and heard. Think “demanding two-year-old” that’s what you’ve got there whispering your stories to you. She wants you to listen when she’s ready to talk and to take it down verbatim (you can put it into proper human language when she isn’t looking).

Any pixie will tire of the game if it is always on your terms. You want a good story; you want it in words, in your head, between the hours of 9am and 3pm. You want, you want, you want…. remember who you’re talking at… a god-nymph. Muse wants to talk in pictures and colors. She wants to show you your main character in the face of a cloud. She wants you to find the rhythm to your poem in the laughter of a fountain. Have you ever been “working” in the yard (nymphs hate it when you think of caring for their homes as work) and been scratched by a rosebush or whapped by a branch? Your muse is laughing at you. This is her way to get your attention. We pixie folk don’t mind if your head is in the clouds but we do not like it when you’re surrounded by a grey-matter storm. So here are some tips for those of you who have forgotten:

Pixie, Sprite, Faery, Nymph, Muse…we can’t be all serious all the time, it depletes our energy. We live on laughter, passion, play, tricks, rebelliousness, chaos... oh, and we love to dance with the elementals, you know, rain, wind, sun…those guys.

Don’t be so mental--be creative; color (preferably outside the lines), or doodle. In fact, doodle a picture of your muse--you know--vanity points.

Ignore the rules; get up at 3am for cookies, milk and muse-chats.

Keep plenty of colored pens around, your muse might be having a terracotta-rose day and here you are trying to write in black ink…blech!

I think you get the idea. When you insist on wearing all of that adult human responsibility stuff it really turns off the muse. She wants you to remember that is just a role you are playing, the real you is a free spirit just like her.

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