A Day of Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 26, 2009
Today is not only a day for eating turkey, enjoying time with family and friends, and giving thanks for those in your personal lives, it's also a time to be thankful for your writing life.

I'm lucky to have a job where I get to work with talented writers who inspire me daily. These writers include our current staff members: Margo L. Dill, Marcia Peterson, LuAnn Schindler, Joanne Stacey, Jill Earl, Jodi Webb, Anne Greenawalt, Carrie Hulce, Cher'ley Grogg, Chynna Laird, and Elizabeth King Humphrey. And the many, many previous staff members (including most recently Alison Diefenderfer and Senior Editor Annette Fix) who've passed through the WOW! halls. Working with these ladies is such a joy. They're all excellent writers and I love hearing what they're up to in their writing lives and watching them grow as writers.

I'm also thankful for our instructors who've chosen to teach with WOW! Your knowledge and ability to help others with enthusiasm and patience is extraordinary. We're lucky to have you, and those that take your classes are lucky too!

I'm thankful for the Premium-Green community of women writers. This group has to be one of the most encouraging group of writers out there. Thank you for sharing your successes, big or small, and engaging in conversations about the freelance writing life on the group boards. You bring out my entrepreneurial spirit and inspire my pep talks! I hope they inspire you too.

To the multitude of contestants, I owe you a big thank you for always being gracious and understanding--even if we're late with prizes. I love reading your stories and learning more about you through interviews here on The Muffin. You're all such a talented bunch of writers, so creative. I'm still in awe at how you can come up with a complete story with a beginning, middle, and end in such a short word count.

I'm thankful for the guest judges we have each season, who donate their time and judge stories simply for the love of the written word. Thank you for dedicating yourself to our contests and for encouraging writers everywhere.

I'm especially thankful for those of you who visit and read WOW! and share your comments, stories, successes, and your passion for writing. It's this community that keeps me motivated and striving for the best.

To the freelancers and interviewees who've worked with WOW!, I'm thankful for your well written articles and for the advice you've shared with our readers. Without you, there wouldn't be a publication.

And last, but certainly not least, to my webmaster and partner, Glenn Robnett. Thank you for your dedication to WOW!, your expert tech savvy, and for always making our publication look beautiful and shine online.

So as you enjoy a day of family and friends, remember to give thanks to those in your writing life too. (Before you fall into a turkey-induced tryptophan-coma!) Happy Thanksgiving!


Jayne Martin said...

Thank you for creating such an amazing and supportive community for writers to shine.

Cher'ley said...

Angela, we all want to Thank You. You work so hard to put up such a beautiful and informative magazine, blog and all else that you do.

You are amazing.

Margo Dill said...

I have to agree with the three ladies here and what they already said. Your drive and business-know-how and generosity have taught me so much. I am so happy I found WOW!

Happy holidays!

Jill said...


As it's been said before, many, many thanks to you. You do so much to get WOW! out to the masses. It's been a pleasure to be a part of the team and I've learned so much.

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

Marcia Peterson said...

Thanks for the kind words, Angela, and you know we all feel the same way about you. WOW is a wonderful thing to be a part of, and you created it and tend to it daily. Happy belated Thanksgiving to all!

Chynna said...

I'm so proud to be a part of this group of women and writers. Thank you for always being such a true inspiration, Angela and for always supporting me and believing in me--even when I don't. =)

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!



LuAnn Schindler said...


Naturally, I'm late to reply because I feel like I'm always playing catch up, but I am so happy I found WOW! - from Hope Clark's newsletter. My writing has improved the the friendships and encouragement are a definite plus.

Huge hugs,

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