The WOW! Archives: Mining for Writing Ideas

Thursday, February 12, 2009
By Jill Earl

While looking for new sources of writing inspiration, I decided to check the WOW! Archives recently. On my visit, I came across a post by former WOW’ser Jean Lauzier that caught my eye. Titled ‘Dare I Say It? Time to Exercise!!!’, her post presented a few ideas to exercise the reader’s creative muscles. One in particular suggests getting a 'workout' at the mall or shopping center by listening to conversations or people watching.

I’ve always been a people watcher, and have both my notepad and Palm handy to jot down ideas from conversations I may tune into, whether I’m at Panera or waiting for the bus after work. I was inspired to dig up some character development notes I have regarding scenes from a cafĂ© I frequented back in the day. I can easily rework them and gather more data to be crafted into new pieces. Hmm, I’m sensing a trip to Panera in my future---for research, of course!

I’m going to try the other suggestions Jean offered, too. For more of her post, skirt over here:

And for more WOW! posts worthy of a look, the Archives can be found on the left side of 'The Muffin' blog page.

So dig into the WOW! Archives. It’s a great resource to jumpstart your writing.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes archives are the best place to go for fresh ideas aren't they? I always love any sort of writing exercises for stretching my mind so I'll definitely check out the links. Thanks!

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