How Writing Changes Moods

Sunday, February 22, 2009
There is a saying along the lines "if you think it, you will feel it," and that seems to be the relationship I have been having with my writing lately. Even though I have been very busy, I have taken a little snippet of time here and there to write. Lately, I have been back to my dry sense of humor and love of puns. As a result, lately I have felt giggles and snickering coming along every so often during the day too. Along the lines of Rene Descartes, "I think I am funny, therefore, I will laugh."

Take for example some writing contests lately. One was an ode, so for some unknown reason, in the late night hours I was online, I'm spurting off rhymes about a pocket protector. If that was not fun and amusing enough, one of the commenters took it one step further and sent back some comments that took my innocent poking fun at "a little piece of plastic" up the next level. In no time, we started feeding jokes off of each other; total strangers, just in that same mood.

Just keep this in mind when you need a little pick-me-up. If you think it while writing, it will help you feel it when it comes to the doldrums of life. If you write using humor, sarcasm, and wit, you can look at the world and your current situations, and find a little something to make you smile. Have a great week!


Ruth J. Hartman said...

Thanks, I needed that today!


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