An Addition to Jan Lundy's Blog Tour

Thursday, February 12, 2009
Sometimes we get bloggers who come onto the tour a little after we send out our newsletter announcement, so I thought I'd share the stops we have today with you all. ;o)

Today Feb 12:

Jan Lundy
will be visiting Jo Ann Hernandez' blog, BronzeWord's Blog, to talk about "Journaling: A Balm for a Writer's Soul." A topic that I'm sure all writers will appreciate. Stop by for a chat!

Kim Hix will be visiting Mary Jo Campbell's fabulous blog, Writers Inspired, for an exclusive interview! Visit:

Annette Fix will be stopping by Rebekah Crain's blog, Bookish Mom, to talk about memoir writing. Annette's posts are super, so be sure to stop by.

Ruth Hartman at Deena's Bookshelf for a surprise guest post! Visit:

We are adding new events and stops all the time, so to keep up with the latest, be sure to visit our Events Calendar. We'll keep your days filled with things to do! Happy reading and writing.


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