Got Writing Leftovers? Clean Out the Fridge!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008
By Jill Earl

A couple of days ago, I got rid of the past-their-prime leftovers in my fridge that needed to be trashed. I’m doing the same with my writing space, files, and library. It’s been a slow, somewhat overwhelming process. Then I found inspiration through an article called, ‘Cleaning the Freelance Fridge’.

Written by freelancer Beth Bartlett, the article offers tips on how to perform a major cleanup of your writing files by checking to see if those forgotten manuscripts, dog-eared notes and cluttered folders can be reused or permanently disposed of to make room for new files.

For instance, under the ‘Freshen it up’ heading, Ms. Bartlett suggests examining old research to see if it can be revamped for a new article or story you may be working on. I’ve got a short piece about a neighbor’s dog that needs reworking, so it’s getting pulled from the recesses of that draft folder on my laptop.

The ‘Toss it out’ heading is pretty self-explanatory. If, after following Ms. Bartlett’s suggestions on revamping your files, you find the material truly unsalvageable, it may be better to let go and start fresh.

This packrat hears and will obey. I’m determined not to bring this year’s clutter into 2009. It really is so much easier to find what I need when my writing files are orderly!

Want more? Check the rest of article here:

Deal with your literary leftovers—by cleaning out your freelance fridge.


Anonymous said...

I do this twice a year, in December and June - clean out the folders in the desk, go through the bookmarks/blogs/sites, weed through the stuff hanging around in Word/Works. Of course, I try to keep on top of things through the year, but knowing I have set times for a big toss helps!

Joanne said...

Seems like a good New Year's Resolution, clearing out the writing clutter to start with a fresh clean slate in the new year.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking to make this a yearly occurance myself---but next time, I won't wait until things reach critical mass!

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