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Tuesday, December 11, 2007
Our founder and CEO, Angela Mackintosh, adds her own personal touch to each of the WOW! Quarterly Contest prize packages. Each season, Angela receives as many compliments as there are winners, and the winners are abundant! Thirty five winners every season. Hoo-Ya!

We could post numerous testimonials, but here are a few words from one of our former contest winners that says it all:

Dear Wow Women,

I just got back from vacation, so I am only now getting to thank you for the wonderful prize package you sent. You didn't only send 'things'--you sent joy as well. From pink wrapping paper to the sparklers to the hand-lettered card, you demonstrated your abounding care for us women who are struggling to express ourselves.

And I did love the things too. My husband is jealous of the books, the book-mark kit, the mints, and yes, even the pink mug. However, I don't think he's jealous of the eye-lash curler. Not his thing.

So once again, THANKS! I find myself thanking you often because you are so generous so often.

Much Love,

Laura Seltz

These adoring letters always go to the WOW Women, but it’s high time to give praise where it’s due. Yes, many of us are involved with the contests, overall. But Angela Mackintosh has been the gracious shopping and packaging elf for all seasons, not just during the holidays. So, send your kudos to Angela, and thank her for all the time and energy she doles out into her TLC!

As familiar readers know, our Fall Contest has just ended, and our contestants are eagerly awaiting the news. Of course, everyone must wait until the January issue. (Sorry, our lips are sealed!)

In the mean time, we’re back to Flash Fiction--250-500 words--from now through February 29th, 2008. If you haven’t checked it out, please do. It’s Open Prompt Season. Plus, WOW! Women On Writing is proud to partner with W.W. NORTON & COMPANY to bring you this Winter 2008 Flash Fiction Contest. Don't wait too long.

Please don’t wait until the last minute, ladies. That’s not the best strategy. Take your time and apply some other TLC to your next entry.

Best wishes for all your writing.

~Sue Donckels


Angela Mackintosh said...


Thank you for posting that Sue, but, I also want to add a note for my Thank Yous.

First of all, I received two Thank you cards via Snail Mail from the Summer Contest winners! This is something I never expected from contestants--and it blows me away. I mean, they could've just sent an email, like many do, but a card?? These are some very classy ladies. =o)


Thanks goes out to Tricia Ares, from Florida, for her lovely decorative card. In the card, she wrote:

"Dear Ms. Mackintosh,

Thank you for the fabulous gift basket. It was well worth the wait. I especially love the little WOW! tote. It was a joy participating in your summer 2007 Flash Fiction Contest.


Tricia Ares"


And Deborah Sharp, from Florida, sent a lovely Thank You card, decorated with gold and black trim. Deborah wrote:

"Dear Angela,

Thanks so much for the wonderful WOW gift package I received today. I've won short story contests in the past, but no one has ever made me feel as special as the editors have at "WOW Women On Writing." You all really emphasize encouragement and support, and it feels really terrific to be recognized. Thanks so much!

Deborah Sharp

PS. I can't believe the nice goodies you sent, even though I was "just" a runner-up in this Summer's "Best Vacation" short story contest. It truly made me feel that simply placing in your competition was a high honor!
If (when?) I ever get famous, look me up, and I'll send a book for someone else's package of goodies!"


Yes, Deborah, please do!!!! And I'm sure you'll be sending that book fairly soon with your award-winning writing. (I'm holding you to it!)

Ladies, as Deborah mentioned, it IS a huge honor to win a WOW! contest. There are always so many good entries, and our Summer 07 Contest was one of our biggest turnouts! So, all of you should be VERY proud of your success. Each and every one of you. =o)

One of the things I've loved since the very beginning is getting to know the ladies who read WOW! I honestly feel we are truly blessed to have such a fantastic group of women as readers and supporters. I've said this before, but I think our readers have to be the best group of women on the planet! I don't know exactly what it is, but all of you are gems, extremely talented, and dedicated.

The contests are one of the ways we get to know all of our readers, so, to me, that's what makes them very special. Plus, talk about fantastic writing! With all the stiff competition, it's a tough game... but, with every new season comes a new prompt, a new rebirth of writing. I've seen many writers not place at all, and then suddenly, they're in the top 10! Now, that's amazing. So it's not necessarily your writing skills--many times it's the prompt, the round-table of judges, and yes... luck. Please never give up, because we want to see you win. Winning in one of our contests will make up for a year of not placing with us, and elsewhere, because we try our best to give you the support (aka: prizes from wonderful and encouraging women sponsors) you deserve for your writing.

Success for you means success for women writers in the marketplace. It's extremely important for us to support each other.


Another Big Thank You goes out to all of our round-table judges. Ladies, I know this has been tough for all of you, and you're all so committed. None of this would be possible without you. You are doing the best thing for other women writers out there by spending time to carefully decide and deliberate over contest entries. This is a reward for you too. (Plus your reward coming up... ;-) But seriously, your honest and fair judging means so much to everyone involved. I can't thank you enough!

And to Sue, who is waaay too modest, because she organizes the whole process, my deepest thank you goes out to you.



PS. I just wrote a novel!

Sue said...

Angela wrote, "I honestly feel we are truly blessed to have such a fantastic group of women as readers and supporters." I couldn't agree more. It's been so much fun, and so enlightening to email all the WOW! supporters, fans, and contestants. Everyone is graciously gem-like! That's one of the most phenomenal aspects to WOW!

Your sincerity in your words shines through, as usual, Angela, whether you write a mini-novella, or a sentence. Thanks! Maybe we should both take a cyber bow. LOL.

Happy Holidays to all WOW-sers!

J.Alpha said...

Sue wrote . . . Angela Mackintosh has been the gracious shopping and packaging elf for all seasons, not just during the holidays. So, send your kudos to Angela, and thank her for all the time and energy she doles out into her TLC!

AND winning a prize package in a WOW! Flash Fiction Contest, is that ""Prize" that keeps giving :-)

I was the lucky recipient of one of those Summer Fiction Contest prize packages last month.

Then, yesterday, I finally decided what I wanted to do with my little pink tote bag; I'm going to tuck some of my recent issues of Quick Fiction into it and place it on my nightstand, for those nights when I'm too tired to handle any heavy reading. But what do I find inside the cute little pink tote bag, but yet another gift that I had overlooked.

I held in my hand a tiny little box, neatly wrapped in pink tissue paper and a little white ribbon. Their waiting for me, as if Angela knew when and where I'd find my last little gift was a beautiful pewter butterfly book clip!

As I said, the "prize" that keeps on giving :-)

Anonymous said...

I just LOVED my prize pack when I won third in the Spring contest. Now I feel bad that I didn't send a card instead of an email. I'm probably too dumb to find the physical address though! I hope I don't procrastinate and miss this contest like I did the Fall one. I dove out of my comfort zone, wrote an essay about finding my Christmas gifts under the tree Christmas Eve when I was 6, but I chose to continue to believe in the miracle and goodness of Santa anyway, and how that decision to believe in what I DO see has been a tough but rewarding one throughout my life...and I got sick and busy with finals and never sent it! DOH! Anyway, thanks for all that you ladies do!

Angela Mackintosh said...


OMG!! I never expected cards... that just blew me away. I think in the time we've held these contests, I've received one card (prior to these), and that BLEW me away. I never expect anything, and when I receive an email... you should see the smile that spreads across my face--a mile wide!

I'm thankful to have all you ladies as readers. I truly adore each and every one of you. It's what makes the "job" totally worthwhile.



PS. I'd love to read your story Marci. And as a previous Top 3 winner, you have an option of posting it on the blog. It sounds like the perfect story for the holidays (which I'll be manning on the blog from the 24th-1st) (Thanks Sue! LOL) But seriously, I'd love to post any content that you ladies have for our holiday season. ;-) And I'd love to read your story Marci.

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