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Thursday, August 02, 2007
The other day I was listening to an audio file of a writer's workshop. And while the topic wasn't really relevant to my writing, something she talked about hit a nerve. Her premise was we should prepare to write.

Here's her example. When we decide to play golf (not my sport by the way) first we have to get a tee time. We anticipate playing golf, we look forward to going to the course. Then as the time approaches, we dress to play golf. Maybe our lucky shirt, socks or what have you. Next we go to the course. While playing golf, we enjoy it. It is something we want to do.

Our writing should be the same way. We should look forward to sitting down to write. We should anticipate writing. It should be fun and something we want to do. Yet, so many times, writing becomes a chore to be dreaded.

We need to set a time to write. Make an appointment with our computer, muse and self that we don't break. We should anticipate that writing time and want to write. We should dress for writing too. Wear something comfy or perhaps something that puts you in the mood of your story. I heard of a writer who has a "writer" cap along with and "editor" cap to remind him what role he is performing that day.

We also need a place to write that is free from distractions, that is our "writing" place. I know for many of us, this isn't realistic but we still need a place we associate with writing. Try to find some little corner for yourself.

Most importantly, we need to have the proper attitude. Writing should be fun. I mean, why do something you don't enjoy. Sure there will be times when it is work and when the right word won't come. But if our attitude is negative, those times will happen more and more often.

When I had to write a synopsis, I read everything possible to learn how. Over and over I heard how horrible they were to write, how difficult they were. I put it off for as long as I could. However, when I actually sat down and tackled the project, I discovered they weren't near as bad as I'd been led to believe. Now I don't mind writing a synopsis because I know I can do it with ease.

So, all that to say... Don't lose the joy of writing. Don't let writing become a chore you dread. Writing should be fun and exciting. Keep it that way:--)



Angela Mackintosh said...

I agree Jean -- when I do some serious writing, I adorn my comfy writing-pajamas, close my office door in my loft, and place a bunch of snacks on my corner L-shaped table. I don't close my door all the way though, I leave it cracked just a little so my cat Noodle can come in and sit on my lap if she wants to. :-) I also tie my hair up in a pony tail and kick off my shoes. To me, comfort is a must when writing.

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