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Wednesday, August 08, 2007
Hey all...

Angela is working feverishly at another WOW! task so I told her I'd take the blog today and share some things:-)


If you haven't signed up for our newsletter you are missing out. For example, in our last newsletter we announced a "Prompt" contest. Here's the scoop.

Fall Flash Fiction Contest Prompt! That's right, it's your turn to help with our contest prompt. Send us an idea for our Fall Flash Fiction Contest and you could win either a copy of Eats, Shoots and Leaves or What Would Your Character Do by Eric and Ann Maisel. (The prompt will probably be used for our Winter contest, however. We have a surprise for you to be announced soon as the details are worked out.)

Here's the rules:
-- Prompt must be original, meaning you thought of it, no stealing from books!-- Keep prompt word count to no more than 100 words.

-- Deadline to enter is Aug. 20th. Judges decision will be final. (Deadline has been extended until Sept. 30th. More on that later.)

-- Send prompt to Be sure to include the word "PROMPT" in the subject line to prevent being discarded as spam.

There was also a very cool grammar quiz. So, sign up for our newsletter! It's informative, fun and free.


Got an upcoming event you'd like to promote? Or how about a book coming out? Need promo for a market or contest? Then send your info to us. We'd love to help. Just send it to me at the above email addy with a comment in the subject line so it won't be tossed in the spam.

Want to work with the WOW! staff? We need a few good "ladies" to fill in some intern spots. Our interns would be doing email, web research, possibly first round judging of contests, book reviews and working with our editors as needed. While this isn't a paid position, there's no telling what the future might bring. If you are interested or would like a bit more info, again email me. I'll get back to you by Monday.

Our Flash Fiction Contest deadline is Aug. 30th. You still have time to enter. You can check out the guidelines and prompt here.

I love getting submissions from our readers for consideration. However, lately I've gotten several things that just don't fit...such as a short story. Remember, the only fiction we publish is our contest winners.


Please, read a couple back issues before sending something for consideration. They are in the archives on the website. It won't take you long to notice WOW! has its own style.

Also...please, please, please!!! No attachments unless asked for. There are so many viruses out there, I won't take a chance with my puter. I do try to send a note and remind about the no attachment thing but I'd really appreciate it if you'd save me the extra step.

And speaking of submissions...I really do try to get back in touch with you in about two months. Sometimes it takes a bit longer since I'm contemplating which issue I might be able to use your submission in:--) Please be patient.


Go have some fun. Here's a link for a cool little reminder.



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