Must Have: ENOF - Review and Giveaway!

Monday, August 24, 2020

Review by Crystal Otto

Nutrition is important to me. As a busy mom juggling her writing, musician job, day job, a dairy farm and six kids, I need to be on top of my game and I want my children to be also. What we eat is important and where the food comes from has always been important to me.

Our children have been involved in planting, harvesting, and preparing delicious food. We even go so far as to raise our own meat, and our neighbor delivers farm fresh eggs each week. I consider myself to be a very picky eater and we seldom eat anything processed. Even with this "crunchy" lifestyle, it's still difficult to get children to eat the recommended servings of vegetables each day. Children seem to grab an apple or an orange with ease, but beets and rutabagas don't have the same appeal.

When I knew my family was not getting enough of these important vegetables, I would step in and try hiding them in our food. That was before I learned about ENOF. ENOF makes my mom role really easy! My children range in age from 2 to 22 and each of them enjoy sprinkling ENOF onto their meal. It works like a salt or pepper shaker and just a few shakes give us the vitamins and minerals we've been lacking (one serving contains up to 60% of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamins A, C, D, E and K. The nutrients are delivered right where your body needs them for maximum absorption).

There really isn't any flavor to ENOF and you can add it to drinks or food - our family enjoys adding it to food to be "just like daddy" (who enjoys pepper on just about any savory food I make). I absolutely love how easy this product makes healthy eating and even better yet, it's organic, non GMO, and gluten free!

We've tried a lot of different tips and tricks to help our family eat enough of the right stuff and none of them are as easy as ENOF!

Did I mention we are giving away a one-month supply of ENOF??

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Enter to win a one-month supply of ENOF - shake on nutrition from organic vegetables - by filling out the Rafflecopter form below. The giveaway ends August 31st at 11:59 pm CST. We will announce the winner in the Rafflecopter widget the next day. Good luck!

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vezlay said...

i love soya food and thanks for this post i like this information please provide few more information about this post veg meat

Angela Mackintosh said...

Crystal, first of all, those pics are adorable!! :) I think this is such a great idea. I have something similar with a supergreens powder that I add to my juice, but I like that this is flavorless and you can put it on anything. Thanks for the amazing review! <3

Unknown said...

I like the beet powder or capsules you can get. I think they do help want to try the green.

Andrea said...

I never get enough veggies even though I'm a vegetarian. This sounds like a great way to do it.

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