Interview with Diane Dennis, Award Winning Publicist and Founder of Inspired Media Communications

Thursday, December 05, 2019
Founder and president Diane Dennis lends her extensive experiences and skills in television, radio and print to the organizations that Inspired Media Communications serve. Diane created Inspired Media Communications from an unmet need she saw in the marketplace for razor sharp messages that resonate with audiences, customers and community members.

Founded in 2005, Inspired Media Communications has served an impressive group of companies who have met their goals in creating more community awareness and increasing customers. Inspired Media Communications customers have been featured on television segments, prime time news shows, magazines and newspapers.

You can find out more about Inspired Media Communications here and sign up for her DIY PR and Marketing Webinar.

---- Interview by Nicole Pyles

WOW: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us today! First, tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.

Diane: I am founder and President of Inspired Media Communications, a multi-media PR agency. After winning two awards, I like to remind people that we are a small agency with a big heart! I was a columnist for a major newspaper in Portland, Ore., was a regular guest on ABC affiliate AM NW TV, and broadcast radio host and producer of my show on three major radio stations. From those experiences I am well trained in multi-media, know what producers are interested, and learned how to pitch all forms of media for my clients. Authors find me because my reputation for furthering their career and establishing them as an expert in the field that they write in, and creates a platform for monetizing their business as an author.

WOW: That's incredible! What type of services do you offer for authors?

Diane: I establish my clients as experts in their field, get authors speaking engagements, multi-media platforms like TV, radio interviews and newspaper and magazine interviews. I begin by assessing their position in the marketplace, create a media kit, and define a marketing plan to shift them from author to speaker, and authority in their field.

WOW: What changes have you seen in the publishing industry and how have you advised authors to adapt?

Diane: The publishing industry has made it easier for writers to become published authors. That, in turn, has created a crowded space. Over 700,000 people annually will publish their books. It takes finesse, digital marketing strategies, and assigning PR strategies to an author’s goals.

WOW: I completely agree! It has definitely become a crowded space. Why is it important for authors to become an influencer in their field?

Diane: If authors, and we are talking about nonfiction authors here, become influencers in their field, they are able to step out from behind their desks, scale their business and have credibility. All this must be done with an author honing beforehand in the areas they want to pursue. I spend a lot of time providing media training for my authors so when we get the call, the author is well prepared to deliver compelling messaging.

WOW: If you could pass along any advice to new or experienced authors, what would you tell them? 

Diane: I would tell an author to define in great detail their goals for their book and their business as an author. An author can treat their writing as a hobby, or they can develop a business and marketing plan that jump starts an incredible career. It starts with goal setting first. I always tell authors to dream big.

WOW: What fantastic advice! Thank you again for taking the time to talk with us today.

Remember, you can find out more about Inspired Media Communications here and sign up for her DIY PR and Marketing Webinar.


Margo Dill said...

It's unbelievable how many books are out there today, but it's also unbelievable how it is still hard to be a writer and business-minded. But those who are can succeed big! I enjoyed this interview and the advice about setting goals and dreaming big!

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