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Wednesday, April 12, 2017
Promoting your book is important and WOW! Women on Writing offers options to meet your needs. Please contact Renee, Jodi, or Crystal via to learn more!

Our most popular blog tour lasts 3 to 4 weeks and includes 10 or more blog stops starting right here! This stop at the Muffin includes a contest giving away a copy of your book, as well as an interview and details about where readers can find you online. The general layout of this stop includes a summary of your book and image of the book cover, your author biography and your head shot, a calendar of the upcoming stops on the tour, and the interview. The rest of the blog stops can take many different formats: interviews, book reviews, guest posts, or book giveaways. The blogger usually chooses what option best fits their audience. Most stops seem to be a guest post and giveaway or a review and giveaway. For instance, the author of a children’s book about OCD offered bloggers articles on advocating for children with special needs and doing online research about medical problems and the mental healthcare system. A cozy mystery writer who was also the mother of twins offered an article on baking with children (the amateur detective in her book was also a baker).

There are so many possibilities. The guest posts are usually very brief—often 500 words or fewer.

When we set up your blog tour you will be asked to provide a list of topics you would be comfortable writing about and these would be offered to bloggers interested in having you do a guest post for their blog. You can get a better feel for our tours by visiting and scrolling down to Events Newsletter.

We have several writers’ blogs that we contact regularly but we also try to tailor your blog tour to you and your book. For instance, a children’s book would be a better fit for some blogs and would likely not a good fit for others. Similarly, the children’s book wouldn’t cross paths with a steamy romance. For this reason, our blog tour managers (Renee, Jodi, and Crystal) read your book before setting up the tour. This ensures the blog stops are a good fit for you and your book. If you are interested, the first step  is for you to answer our Author Survey (we would be happy to email you copy, but the questions are at the bottom of this post as well) so we can get a better feel for you.

Once we have the completed Author Survey and have finished reading your book, we approach bloggers about your book and organize a list of dates for your blog stops. After the dates are set, the bloggers will receive the following information:

· The official tour book summary
· A .jpg file of your book cover
· Your biography
· A .jpg file of your headshot

At this time, you will receive the list of tour stops and you can begin working on the guest posts or interviews mentioned earlier. These guest posts or completed interviews are provided to the bloggers 2 weeks prior to your blog stop at their blog/website. If the blogger has chosen to do a book review, they will be busy reading (most prefer an e-copy, but some will ask for a hard copy – as these are requested, we will let you or your publisher know and you can send them out).

The authors we have worked with have been very happy with how WOW! Blog Tours present them to readers. Often, these are readers they may not have reached doing publicity on their own. This is also a great way to save time—allowing you time to write your next book, be with your family, or attend life events. The tours are affordable and effective!

We are happy to customize a tour to meet your needs, we offer a Tweet Tour as an add-on to the basic tour outlined above, and 2017 brings along some additional options and add ons:

WOW! Authors on the Air Tour:
- Written pitch highlighting your book with interview topics sent to radio show hosts
- 4 or 5 podcast/radio spots
- Promotion of events on WOW's Twitter for each spot

Professional Book Trailer Add-On:
- A 45-second video using text, images, music, and video clips without voice over but with sound effects (if appropriate). Also features additional clips and reviews along with the script.

This is the same video package seen at Dramatic Videos ( called "Guest Spot" (!purchase/c1vud) . The videos usually take no longer than two weeks to make. There's an FAQ section on the site if you have any questions about it.

If you are thinking about a tour, please contact us today at: and one of our helpful blog tour managers, (Renee, Jodi, or Crystal) would be happy to tell you more!


· What is your book about? Will you be providing an e-copy or hard copy so I may begin reading?

· Who is your audience?

· What group would you like to reach that you haven’t yet? Has your book been featured on any blogs? If so, which one(s)?

· How soon would you be able to provide bloggers with review copies, e-book excerpts, or other promotional products for giveaway on their blogs? How many? Some authors have a specific number, some would prefer to give e-books or pdfs if possible, and others have publishers willing to give each blog two copies (one for the blogger and one for giveaway). It’s helpful if we know the parameters before we start approaching bloggers.

· List at least eight topics you would be willing to write guests posts about. We prefer some writer topics and some non-writer topics if possible.

· Where can readers find you online (website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc…)?

· When would you like to launch your tour? You can give us a month or a particular date and we will try to work that in. We always launch on Mondays and keep in mind it’s better to have a tour after the book is released. This allows readers to purchase it immediately. The longer we have to set up a tour, the better for everyone (8 weeks is the absolute minimum).

We look forward to hearing from you and congratulations on your book!


Karen Wojcik Berner said...

Love the additional possibilities with the WOW book tours! I did two a few years back and was very pleased with the results. I'd definitely recommend WOW book tours.

Mary Horner said...

This is a great place for anyone to promote her work!

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