Use Your Library For Research

Thursday, August 14, 2014
As a journalist and writer, I feel like I am constantly researching. Whether I need to find information about the new charting system at the local clinic that allows patient-doctor interaction or seeking historical background material for my WIP, I need to utilize every piece of research available.

That means I don't just turn to online sources. Sure, there are a lot of great online sites that have fabulous information, but for some subjects, writers need to turn to another trusted source: the local library.

I'm lucky that the library in the town I where I work, as well as the library in the village where I live, have fantastic resources, especially when it comes to historical sources.

And the librarians in both places: complete information experts!

When I needed to find information about a now-defunct park in the area, I visited the local library. The librarian located a county history book with some information and started going through past newspapers, gleaning bits and pieces of information from different years.

I think that often, we are quick to rush to the internet to search out a source. Instead, I believe we need to look locally and utilize the wonderful houses of knowledge that provide a wealth of knowledge.

LuAnn Schindler


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