Aloha Writers Retreat: Tap Into Your Naturally Creative Soul

Wednesday, August 27, 2014
What could be better than spending a week relaxing and writing at the beach with other like-minded writers? Doing it in Hawaii! That's what writers and workshop leaders, Dawne Knobbe and Svette Bykovec, are offering writers this fall (November 7th through 14th). As their website states, come to the Aloha Writers Retreat and "join us . . .for a unique journey into your creative soul."

Dawne is the author of Runaway Storm, a young adult novel, and is very involved with SCBWI-LA. You can find out more about Dawne below as she talks to us about the Hawaii retreat, or you can visit her website. Svett is an award-winning author and illustrator; her books (writer/illustrator) include See Into the Sea and Crazy Crustaceans. Her website is MoonDog Manuscripts.

Read on to see what you will do in Hawaii, what the price includes, and special discounts for WOW! readers and/or if you are willing to have a roommate.

Dawne & Svett
WOW: Hi Dawne, thank you for being with us today to discuss the Aloha Writers Retreat. Please start by telling us how this wonderful retreat began.

Dawne: For many years, Svett Bycovec and I organized two writers' retreats in California. One year we would hold Critiquemania, which was a very fast-paced, intense 3-day retreat; then the next year, we would organize Sense and Sensibility, which was more about the creative process and nurturing your inner muse. When Svett moved back to Australia, we started thinking about doing something that would combine the two, and the idea for the Aloha Writers retreat was born. There is something so magical about Hawaii that we couldn’t think of a better location to inspire writers.

WOW: Yes, that is so true! I'm sure Hawaii would inspire me. Who should attend this workshop? Are there any specifications for certain writers, genres, etc?

Dawne: This retreat is for writers of all genres. It is geared towards people who are actively working on writing projects but beginners are welcome. Writing is a creative process, whether you are writing fiction, non-fiction, or for children or adults. I personally have a background in many genres, so I hope to help people explore different genres.

WOW: Great! What can attendees expect during their seven days in Hawaii at your retreat?

Dawne: It will be a week of healing and nurturing the writer within you. We will work through stumbling blocks in your creative process and specific issues in your stories. We will critique each others work supportively and participate in different exercises designed to inspire our muses. Attendees will come away with new friends, the inspiration to move forward with their writing, and new methods to help achieve their goals. We will also have a lot of fun exploring the island culture and relaxing in this tropical paradise.

WOW: That sounds wonderful. What all is included in the price for the attendees? Who leads the retreat?

Dawne: The price of the retreat includes 7 nights of accommodations. 

Breakfast and dinner daily, plus some lunches and lots of snacks. 

If you have uncomplicated special dietary considerations, we are happy to work with you. Otherwise, we have an open kitchen policy, and you are welcome to prepare your own dishes.

 Besides food and lodging, the price all program fees include: materials including entrance fees on planned excursions

, transportation (with some limitations), 
daily “writing fun-shops” 

inspiration and exercises with faculty, plus one-on-one editing and group critiques. There are also

 specialty supplies and surprises.

 So there's time to relax, reflect, write and enjoy beautiful Hawaii. If you mention WOW, we will extend our early bird discount rate of $2269.00 (which is a savings of $300).

WOW: This sounds so amazing! Thank you for all the details. What else do WOW! readers and writers need to know about the Aloha Writers Retreat?

Dawne: Svett is a published writer, illustrator, and art therapist. I have a master's degree in professional writing and have made my living as a journalist, creative director, writer, and publisher. We run a non-profit press called The Nature Kid, which is all about teaching children about conservation in a fun and wacky way.

And here is some really good news for WOW readers. We have a special early bird discount ($300) and also a roommate discount ($200). We will extend the discount rate for all WOW! participants past the posted deadline.

WOW: Thanks, Dawne, for all the information. It sounds fantastic! 

Okay, Muffin readers, to sign up for this amazing experience, please go to Hawaii Retreat 2014 website by clicking here.


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