Friday Speak Out!: Labor of Literacy, guest post by Peggy Eserkaln

Friday, January 25, 2013
Yesterday I tripped over my guilt, chewed an oversized bite, hung onto to that one remaining thread and acted as though I have life balanced. I’m subjected to these emotional olympics because I’m due to give birth to a book. Presently, it has been gestating for twenty-two months. Total gestation period is unknown.

Lately, I’ve begun to notice the signs of labor. Several times I’ve experienced Braxton Hicks, but alas each time the end result has been a prescription for rest and a rewrite. Fulfilling that prescription is tricky. Book is not an only child; I’m already raising Kid, Career and Personal Health ( P.H. for short), thus the daily acrobatics.

  I don’t have a birth plan yet. Book might be born using a literary agent or in a publishing house. I’m leaving my options open for right now. I know I need one soon; my chapters are dilated and my denouement has dropped. Soon I expect there will be a bloody show... and what a show it might be. Am I ready? Is anyone ever really ready?

Just like so many others, I don’t really care whether I have a chapter book or middle grade novel. I just want a published finished product. I want for it what every writer wants for a book; a long shelf life, genre acceptance and readership. It would be dishonest for me to deny my hope for a second edition and maybe even some royalty monies... it’s not such a bad thing to wish to be taken care of in my later years, is it?

There will be a birth announcement. Watch for it.

* * *
Peggy Eserkaln is an award winning teacher with a unique background in education and improvisational theatre. She founded Educational Improvisation, Inc; a company that melds a love of learning and laughter. She's been writing her whole life, but is just now gutsy enough to admit it.

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Anonymous said...

This was great and oh-so-relatable. Congratulations on your baby-- may it grow and thrive and bring you great joy!

Margo Dill said...

Go, Peggy, go! I hope to see that "birth announcement" soon. :) Loved this post that brought a smile to my face. You have talent, girl. :)

Val said...

I am sure your offspring will be "breathtaking."

Mel Kinnel (@TizMellyMel) said...

Loved your post and congrats on your impending birth!

LuAnn Schindler said...

I've been trying to deliver a YA novel for 8 years now. I'm afraid it will be a teenager before it is welcomed to this world. :)

Good luck!!

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