This Holiday Season--Listen to that Still, Small Voice

Saturday, December 10, 2011

My partner and I were out running errands when I stopped to admire a display of ceramic Santa Planters each with a baby pine tree (it was the trees that caught my attention—I’m a sucker for anything “baby”).

On cue he said “You should get one.”

As always I shot back, “Naw, that’s okay.”

We loaded the car and he walked off to return the cart. Just as I began to wonder where he’d run off to the door opened and he tossed me a bag—yep, the Santa Planter. Later that night he pointed out to me that every time my inner child reaches for something I slap her hands.

Has anyone ever handed you truth jerky—something you end up chewing on for a long time? For two days now I’ve been getting flashes of how I short change this little girl. I tell myself I’m giving her attention when we work on our “fun” writing projects or when we make gifts for others. After all, this is play—right? Not really. To my inner child this is like hiding vegetables in the Jell-O and calling it dessert.

Oh, my friend also said that if I keep refusing to give my inner child some play time at some point she will throw a tantrum and decide to go play whether I agree or not. I’m not sure what this would look like and I don’t think I want to find out.

As women we train ourselves to “get it done,” “do it perfect,” and “give unto others.” We repeatedly discuss how to fit “more” into 24 hours. Then the holiday season comes and in addition to our work/home/kids/care giving duties we add extra assignments, faster turn-arounds, holiday menus, shopping, and charitable causes. Does anyone else hear “Pop Goes the Weasel”? Something has to give…

This holiday season take a moment to give yourself! Your inner child knows this is a festive time and she wants to play on her terms. So take a moment—right now is good—and ask that little girl what she would like to do for fun. Maybe she wants a cup of hot cocoa this morning. She might want to draw a picture. Heck, maybe the kid wants a Pillow Pet! Let her have it, she’s earned it!

For all the times she’s stayed up late working while others slept. For all the times she’s given up her piece of cake to make someone else happy. For all the times she’s quietly sucked it up when you broke yet another promise to her. Before the year ends set aside some special time with the one person who keeps your creative clock running—that spritely, joyful, playful spirit inside of you.

post & image by Robyn Chausse

What is your inner child asking for? Share it here…


allena said...

Arent' partners the BEST for pointing these kinds of things out? <3

Monette Chilson said...

Oh, this is just exactly the voice of sanity I needed this morning to break free of the incessant demands of the season. Thank you for the reminder. May all our inner children celebrate with us this year!

Robyn Chausse said...

Hi Allena,
Yes! I don't know where I would be without my "mirror" :)

Hi Monette,
Nice to know I wasn't the only one feeling the crunch!

Happy Holidays!

injaynesworld said...

What a lovely piece, Robyn. Being that I never had children of my own, my inner child pretty much gets what she wants. :)

Kelly Thompson said...

Great post, Robyn. While my husband may argue that it's my inner adult I tend to ignore sometimes, my inner child probably doesn't get enough play days this time of year. I think I'll bake sugar cookies today, not because I HAVE to but because I WANT to. Keep the good stuff coming! kt

Jodi Webb said...

What does my inner child want...I think purple finger nail polish!

Karen Doniere said...

Another great post. My inner child wants a writing mentor, a manicure, and a pedicure. Kudos!

Robyn Chausse said...

So fun to have comments!! Thank you to all for sharing your thoughts.

Hey Jodi--sorry, I don't have any purple polish but I have some frosted island-green I could share:)

Karen--nice list!

Hmmm, my inner adult would love a massage, a reflexology treatment, and a haircut. My inner child wants to bake oatmeal/chocolate chip cookies, decorate the tannenbaum, and drive up north to play in the snow.
I think I'll have to strike a compromise; I might be able to manage the cookies and the tannenbaum tonight:)

Stephan Becker said...

Great post Robyn. Your insight is remarkable. My outer adult has to do so much for others and so many preparations to help our family have a lovely Christmas. It all comes down to the present opening for me. That wonderful moment when the children open the gifts, the look of total joy on their faces. My inner child still comes out after all these years when I open mine.

Robyn Chausse said...

Hi Stephan,

Thank you for coming by...
You are so right...I haven't met a child yet, young or old, who can resist the excitement of a present (even if it is someone else's)
Have a very Merry Christmas!

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