Win a Year-Long Blogging Contract! ($50 - $100 per blog post)

Thursday, October 20, 2011
Vendio, the ecommerce software site, is looking to hire a blogger for their new blog.

They recently emailed us at WOW! about this opportunity, and we wanted to pass along the info to you because we know we have so many talented bloggers that read The Muffin. It would be so cool if one of you won!

They are looking for someone who is passionate about ecommerce, insightful about industry trends, and has a flair for writing.

Deadline: November 11, 2011

Entry fee: none

Prize Package: 
- Year-long blogging contract for $50 - $100 per blog post.
- Chance to attend Ecommerce and Social Media conferences throughout the year as a representative of Vendio.
- An iPad 2 ($499) to help you research and write your posts.
- A free subscription to Vendio's Get It All package ($299.95 value) to create and host your own store.

How to apply:
1. Post your 'application' on your blog. Write a blog post about the ecommerce topic of your choice or create a post telling them why you'd be the perfect candidate for the job. Make sure you link to and in your post so they can track applications.
2. Visit and enter your name, e-mail, and link to the post.

About Vendio: "Vendio, an company, is a leading ecommerce software provider. Over 100,000+ merchants use Vendio to power their ecommerce website and to sell on multiple sales channels including Facebook, eBay, Amazon, and Google Product Search. We've been covered in everything from Auctionbytes to Techcrunch to The Wall Street Journal. Our industry leading blog is ready for a fresh, intelligent voice to write on ecommerce tips, tactics, and ways to help small businesses grow."

Full details here:

This looks like a fantastic gig. If you apply, we wish you the best of luck!


Kim Lehnhoff said...

At first blush, this contest sounds like a great opportunity for the winner.

Once you read the fine print, this doesn't sound like much of a deal.

Yes, they want you to attend conferences - at your expense.

There is no guarantee of what you will be paid, not either by the number of posts, nor a set fee for each post (they decide how much, on a case-by-case basis).

Your "application" post has to remain unchanged for one year - so you're doing free advertising for Vendio.

If, for any reason, your contract is terminated, the iPad must be returned - so it's not a prize, it's a work tool.

Although I think I could do a good job for them, I'm going to pass on this.

Angela Mackintosh said...

Hi Kim,

Thank you for reading the fine print--it's always good to be careful. I just emailed them and will check on those things for you! :)

As far as the blog post fee, it is decided on a case-by-case basis, but it's between $50 - $100. They wrote: "A one year official blogger contract with Sponsor entitling the Winner a fee in the range of $50 - $100 per blog post, as decided and determined by Sponsor." So, it could be $50, $75, or $100...but it's between that range.


Helen Fang said...

Hi Kim - thanks for your comment. I wanted to address some of your concerns because they are absolutely valid.

1) The reason that we don't guarantee paid trips to all conferences is simply because we do not know where the winner will reside. The expense of paying for flight, hotel, AND conference fee is simply not in our budget. However, our intention is to increase our presence at social/blogger conferences and do so by sending our winner. It's hard for us to guarantee x amount of conferences per year because the 2012 calendar hasn't been published and depending on where the winner lives, it may not be ideal to go to a set amount.

2) The guarantee is that we will pay between $50-$100 per post. Again, we don't have a fixed number because we wanted to create a flexible role. For example, if I said one blog post per week @ $50, that may not be worthwhile for some bloggers. We want to work with the winner to ensure that they are getting compensated fairly for their work - our goal is to find someone who can work with us on a long term basis and really shape the voice for Vendable.

3) We think this is a fair way of tracking entrants. However, if you're the chosen winner - I don't know why you wouldn't want to keep your application up for a year? (And perhaps blog about your work with Vendio).

4) I see your concern about the iPad, but as a company, we need to protect ourselves against any issues that could come along. It's standard legalese and honestly, I don't plan to go chase a blogger down for an iPad :) I would much rather find someone who we can create an ongoing relationship with.

Please feel free to email me directly (or comment here) for any additional questions/concerns. I certainly appreciate you reading through the fine print - as Angela mentioned, it's always a good idea.

Best regards,

Helen Fang
hfang at corp dot vendio dot com

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