Contest Winners: Photo Caption Contest Results

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Ahh... Facebook changed their page AGAIN!!!
--Laura Hickman

How many of us have felt this way about Facebook? I know I have. And my face might have looked just like this little boy's! Congratulations to Laura. She won our smiles with this caption for the photo, and she won "The Best Caption" prize.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our photo caption contest. We had so many clever and funny captions entered into the contest. Here are a couple more of our favorites:

Is Brett Favre ever going to make up his mind? (Jukota)

AAARRRRGGGHHH! Not Super Nanny!!!! (Linda)

I said I want Harry Potter! Not Dora the Explorer! (Wicked)

Liver pizza, are you kidding me! (Sharon)

I said I wanted a baby SITTER, not a baby SISTER. (Kathleen)

We also picked our participation prize winner! We are thrilled that so many of you participated, and you heard about the contest from our newsletter, Facebook fan page, Twitter, friends, and subscription to The Muffin.

Our participation prize goes to. . .Janel. She wrote: "She ASKED me to draw the mustache on her face. Really!" Janel was randomly chosen from all participants. Thanks, Janel!

Just a couple more things. . .Are you taking advantage of all WOW! has to offer?

As you can see from this post, we post information all over the place--from our newsletter to Twitter! Are you signed up and following us where you can--to find out about our contests, blog tours, new article issues, and even our submission needs? WOW! supports women writers and wants to give you opportunities to improve your craft, learn to market yourself, find publishers or freelancing work, win prizes, and connect with other women writers. Here are a couple more things to check out:

WOW! offers classes from writing short stories to social networking for writers. There are classes on screenwriting, children's writing, play writing, poetry, and more! Classes take place online with instructors who have worked in the field and can offer their expertise to students. To find out more information or what classes are being offered, check out the WOW! classroom page. Make sure to check back every so often because new classes are added all the time. If you subscribe to our newsletter, then information about classes is sent right to your inbox!

One of my favorite parts of WOW! is the Premium Green Google group. For $4.00 a month, you get this huge freelancer's guide sent to your inbox (a pdf over 150 pages each time) full of markets, tips, job openings, anthology listings, interviews, contests, fiction magazines, and nonfiction magazines. It's nothing like I've ever seen. But even better, you get to join the Google discussion group; and the expertise and advice on there is, well, as Mastercard would say. . .priceless.

So, congratulations to our winners! If you have any questions about anything we've talked about here--our photo caption contest, newsletter, social networking sites, classes, or Premium Green, then please leave it in our comments below.

Happy Writing!
Margo L. Dill
WOW! Contributing Editor, Columnist, and Social Networking Coordinator


Rachel HT Mendell said...

Awesome tips! I have a lot to do now ... :o)
Have a great Week!

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