Slow down!

Thursday, March 18, 2010
Recently I noticed that I have been on a fast track and can't seem to slow down. It's as if I am on fast forward. I don't know how many people also feel this way, but I think I have learned a lesson over the past few days.

I recently came down sick with a horrible virus. It really knocked me for a huge loop. I couldn't believe it. I literally have had to stop and rest. Mind you I don't like to rest, I am the one that feels I have to keep going and keep doing no matter the situation.

This brought me to another thought about my writing. I am driven when it comes to deadlines. As long as I know when something is due and I know that there is a set time to get something completed by, I can make the deadline; however, I have noticed that if I don't slow down enough, I tend to make a ton of mistakes. This has not only shown up in my personal life and at work but in my writing as well.

My paragraphs are way out of whack and my sentence structure is awful. It made me realize that I am rushing things a little too much and that I really need to slow down. I need to take the time to make sure that everything is right and what is asked of me in my writing. So, then it is time for me to slow down. I need to make a difference in how I do things. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it in the long run.

I have made myself a list of how I will make a difference in my writing by slowing down.

1) Make sure I have done the research on the subject and have a clear understanding of it.

2) Take the time to build each paragraph accordingly, making sure that each paragraph flows properly and creates a good valid point for the readers.

3) Read through the entire article more than once. Make the necessary corrections as I am reading through the article to make sure that it flows properly for my readers.

4) Read through the article once again checking for any additional spelling errors or sentence issues.

5) Double check research information, make sure I am passing along the correct information. This is highly important. Not only to me but to my readers; I want to make sure they are getting the correct information on the subject.

Through these steps I am hoping that I can make a difference in my writing, my life and the things that I hope to accomplish.

Happy writing everyone!


Dot Hearn said...

This is so funny : I just posted a very short similar "lesson learned" piece on my site ( Although your reflections and plans for the future are much clearer than mine.

Excellently done. And you are not alone in the pace until illness brings us to a halt.

Thank you for your insights!

Ann Summerville said...

I was stressing over a deadline this week until I stopped and realized it was a self imposed one duh!! It's now been moved to November and I can enjoy Spring.

Lisa K. said...

I know what you mean. I love deadlines because they really push me into getting something done, but I do have to be careful that I don't fly along so fast that I lose the big picture of doing it right. Every now and again I have to slow myself down and evaluate to make sure I'm where I need to be.

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