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Wednesday, September 30, 2009
As you saw with a post the other day, WOW! Women On Writing is stepping into social networking with a Twitter account. If you haven't started following us yet, please do at our Twitter page. Why? We tweet about writing articles, contest announcements, online classes, special offers, writing information, blog tours, and new issue information. We also connect writers with one another and encourage women on their writing journey. So, follow us now.

Many of you may also be on Facebook. If you are, consider joining us on there also! We have a WOW! Women On Writing fan page, which you can find by going here. If you are on Facebook and you love WOW!, then take some time this week and become a fan. It takes a short time and a click on the mouse button (literally)!

What can you do on the fan page? You can start a discussion, you can check out some links, articles, and events. As a matter of fact, I started a discussion on there just recently about what types of articles you might want to see in WOW! that would help you and your writing career. Any ideas? Please post them to the Facebook fan page under discussions or consider a query to .

Let us know if you become a fan--you can tweet us, leave a comment here, or leave a comment on our Facebook page. We'll be happy to follow you back on Twitter!

Happy social networking!
Margo Dill


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