Holiday Shopping? Here's a Resource for Discounts

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Kick off your Holiday Online Shopping with some free Discounts! is a resource I use on a monthly basis for discount codes. I mostly use them for WOW! when I’m in a crunch and need to purchase stock clipart to spice up our columns. I’ll buy clipart in bulk, and it can get expensive. So, utilizing these codes to save 20% off of $65 purchase a month is great. But you can find anything here. The site is very user friendly, and contains many different discount codes for online purchasing.

For instance, let’s say you wanted to purchase something from – all you’d need to do is type that web address into their homepage’s search box and see what comes up! The great thing about the site is that it’s all user-driven. So, codes are being submitted daily and users vote on their success rates, which are displayed beneath each coupon code.

Honestly, I don’t buy anything online without checking this website to see if there’s a code I can use. I don’t mean to sound cheap... But as a writer, I’ve always considered myself an expert researcher, and it’s just one of those things I’m compelled to do. If it’s out there and available, why not save yourself some money and use it, right? It’s not that much different than clipping coupons.

I’ve used the site to purchase gifts, clothing, books, and office supplies. So I’m passing the tip along to you just in case you didn’t already know about it. I hope it’s helpful for you this holiday season.

Have fun! And happy shopping. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE I always check there before online shopping. Good share! :)

Sue said...

I'd never heard of this site before, but I checked it out. Thanks!

It's funny, too, because I've spent way too much time looking for clipart for blog posts in the past. When I started blogging, I think I actually spent more time trying to find the small art work. How silly is that?

This will be a huge help!

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