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Tuesday, June 19, 2007
Bits & Pieces:

Some of you may know the WOW! email has been acting up lately. So...if you have sent us anything in the past week and aren't sure we received it, please resend. Use my jeanlauzier@gmail addy. Hopefully we can get the gremlins out of our email system and get things back to normal soon.

UpComing Themes:

Aug. Putting on Your Writing Caps We'd like to see articles on different ways to make money with our writing such as travel writing, book packagers and that sort of thing. If you have a unique way to make money with your writing, let us know. We might share it with the world:--)

Sept. Is our Anniversary issue. Anything goes with this one. No theme here.

Oct. Writing for Children and Children Writers Who's your child's favorite author...how about doing an interview for us? Also articles on the craft of writing for children. For example...the differences between writing for Young Adult vs Middle Graders and chapter books.

Nov. All About Agents Query us with your ideas:--)

WOW! buys First World Electronic Rights and Unlimited Archival Rights.

You can send the article or query in the body of an email to me at jeanlauzier@gmail.com We do have a "submissions" email addy but right now it's acting up too. Put the word Query, Submission or For WOW! in the subject line so I'll not delete accidentally.

We are getting better with response times and do our best to get back to you within two months. If you don't hear from us by then, please query for status.

I look forward to hearing from you:--)



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