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Thursday, June 21, 2007
...Flock Together

The other day I was chatting with another writer about how women are social creatures. His thought was that women like to flock together while men tend to be loners, more independent and go it alone. And I think for the most part he is right.

One of the great things about attending a writer's conference is the chance to flock together with other women who enjoy the same interest in writing as we do. Several months ago I had the privilege to get together with some friends at a conference.

At a restaurant that evening, we pulled several tables together. Laughter flowed along with great conversation. After dinner we "flocked" in the hotel lobby sitting area and talked and laughed together for several more hours. While the conference was great, one thing I'll always remember is the time spent together just chatting. I look forward to later in the year when we will get together at the next conference.

Writing for the most part is a solitary endeavor. But it doesn't have to be. There are lots of conferences within a couple hours driving from most of us. It's just a matter of playing detective and finding them. Many are even "day" conferences that are inexpensive and no hotel is needed.

This week I challenge you to do some research. Find what conferences are in your area or close by. Then make plans to attend. Not only will you learn something about the writing world, you'll connect with other writers and possibly find your new best friend.



Angela Mackintosh said...

Jean, well put.

I think this is why our email woes drive us crazy! Not being able to talk directly to readers, answer questions, help someone out, and listen to's what makes us thrive!

In the midst of experiencing these 'growing pains' I truly feel the withdrawls from my inbox. It really kills me to think I'm missing something.

Since the 'gremlins' started partying in our system, I've taken on more luncheons, brunches, and phone chats with colleagues. I miss the interaction!

Even if you can't find or attend a conference, try a local critique group -- there's bound to be a few in your area. Whenever I do that, I feel inspired and motivated.

It's always nice to meet other writers in person who share similar goals. The energy is contagious. ;-)

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