My Daughter's Poem

Sunday, May 13, 2007
In light of Mother's Day, I'm posting a poem my eleven-year-old daughter wrote for me:

I Love You

I know this isn’t much of a present
But it means a lot to me
You always make me feel so pleasant
You always make me laugh he, he, he
You sooth me when I cry
I love you just so much
You make me feel like I could fly
I love your gentle touch
Sometimes I feel sad
You’re there to help
Sometimes I feel mad
You’re always there to help
You taught me how to respect
You taught me lots of things
And when it’s really rough
You’re there to lead me through that stuff
So this is what I’m trying to tell you
Trying to tell you so bad
That I love you very much
And nothing will ever get between that

Love, K.

All my lowest moments in life washed away as her words hugged my soul. Happy Mother's Day to all parents . . .


Angela Mackintosh said...

Oh Sue, that's beautiful. :-) You have a very special little girl. What a sweetheart, she reminds me of you.

Happy Mom's Day!

Improv Story said...

That is so precious. I'm sure that touched your soul. :)

Anonymous said...


As a writer, to have a child write a heartfelt poem is the best gift. You know what it takes to write, and what it took her to put those words together. It's a very meaningful gift.


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