Interview with Krahe, Fall 2023 WOW! Flash Fiction Contest Runner Up

Tuesday, April 09, 2024
Going by the (deliberately misspelled) pen name “Krahe,” this bird will write almost anything, but prefers cerebral, surreal, absurdist horror. In stark contrast to some of her written material, she also draws buttons for her local Pokémon Go group. To contact her about writing almost anything (or editing your fanfiction for a small fee), message her on Twitter (@majoukrahe). Buy some of her jewelry on Etsy (CrystalsbyKrahe) if you feel like showing support (or like shiny things).

interview by Marcia Peterson

WOW: Congratulations on placing as a runner up in our Fall 2023 Flash Fiction competition! Can you tell us what encouraged the idea behind your story, “All the Time in the World?”

Krahe: Believe it or not, it came from a writing prompt from a local writing group. We were given two lines to start with. The rest was up to us. My mind went to a problem that writers usually have because of course it did.

WOW: Why do you write flash? What makes it different for you?

Krahe: I don't write flash regularly, but I am used to writing other things within a given word count. As much of a free bird as I can be, I also find it challenging and fun to work within restrictions (like in flash fiction). Most budding writers aren't used to doing that; it can be a well-deserved kick in the pants.

WOW: What advice would you give to someone wanting to try writing flash fiction for the first time?

Krahe: The old adage "less is more" comes to mind. Flash fiction requires you to be succinct. It is not for writers that like slathering the audience with details (that can be an issue regardless—watch out!). Break out your thesaurus; sometimes, you can save words by finding one word that works perfectly for your story as opposed to five.

Flash fiction is also great for ideas that you are uncertain about; can you, for example, tell a story with this idea in 750 words or less? You won't know until you try.

WOW: Besides writing, you’re also an artist and have a jewelry shop on Etsy. How do you balance multiple types of creative projects? What works for you?

Krahe: Priorities, I guess. Most of my art projects are for events, like Pokémon GO Community Days or holidays. I don't have control over those dates. I usually need my art done a week or two before then so that the people I work with can make merchandise. Same for writing things with deadlines—the deadlines always come first.

That said, the jewelry part (which I'm sure people want to hear more about) is languishing. It started as an idea during the pandemic. Resin is messy and dangerous to work with. Don't do what I did. I might do something with doming resin or wrapping crystals in the future, but that's it.

Buying something on my Etsy shop is a very easy way to support me, by the way. I get unreasonably excited every time someone makes a purchase!

WOW: Thanks so much for chatting with us today, Krahe. Before you go, do you have a favorite writing tip or piece of advice you can share?

Krahe: Have two.

One is "write every day." It doesn't matter what. Get into the habit of writing something daily.

On that note, two, know when you have a good idea. Edit that idea. Shop it around. Writers might be stereotyped as introverts, but that will hurt you. You won't know your strengths and weaknesses until you put your work out there and learn to take feedback.



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