Interview with Kayla E. Green, Runner Up in the Spring 2023 WOW! Flash Fiction Contest

Tuesday, November 07, 2023


Kayla E. Green is a school librarian, speculative fiction author, and poet who adores her husband and their furbabies. When she isn’t writing, reading, or laughing at her own corny jokes, she loves singing loudly and off-key to KLove Radio, napping, and pretending she’s a unicorn. Her award-winning YA fantasy novella, "Aivan: The One Truth," and her inspirational poetry collection, "Metamorphosis," are now available through book retailers. Both of her published books have received 5-starred reviews from Readers’ Favorite. Kayla also has stories and poems featured in various anthologies, and she has several flash fiction stories available online through Go Havok. 

Connect with Kayla on her website at and on Instagram @theunicornwriter93. For a free fantasy story, sign up for her monthly author newsletter at 

----------Interview by Renee Roberson 

WOW: Hi Kayla, and welcome! Your story, “Of the Sea” is a beautiful and heartfelt read. What do you most want readers to take away from this piece? 

Kayla: Thank you for your kind words! “Of the Sea” is one of my most vulnerable pieces. After experiencing my first miscarriage, I turned to writing to process the overwhelming feelings of grief, longing, and disappointment infused with glimmers of hope I felt consumed by—all of which we see within the main character of my flash fiction story. Unlike Megumi who achieves her heart’s desire, I am still waiting for my pearl. But I haven’t given up my hope of being a mother one day. I pray that readers will be encouraged to hold fast to faith and have the strength to persist in their endeavors, whatever they might be. Whether readers are struggling with holding onto hope after loss or need a reminder that they are not alone in their pain, I hope they walk away from “Of the Sea” with a sense of comfort and peace. 

WOW: I am so sorry for your loss and am glad to hear writing helped you work through such a difficult time. I'm sure it will resonate with readers for many different readers. Can you tell us more about your novella, “Aivan: The One Truth,” and your poetry anthology, “Metamorphosis?” 

Kayla: Absolutely! "Aivan: The One Truth," is my debut young adult fantasy book. It is a prequel novella to an upcoming multi-generational series called "Chronicles of the One Truth." Following two people from opposite sides of the Great Continent, "Aivan: The One Truth" explores self-discovery, identity, and faith. I wrote this book because, as a teacher, I wanted to provide clean, wholesome fantasy stories young readers could enjoy. And, I wanted to write a book I would have loved as a teenager myself. 

The official book blurb is: Rune has grown up all of her life in the mountainous northern nation of Kansanai. As granddaughter of the Senior Elder, she has been a devout believer of the Vihishki gods her whole life. Yet, when a prophet challenges the Vihishki gods against his Aivan, the One Truth, everything she thought she knew is turned upside down. Will she be able to let go of the life she thought she deserved for something far greater than what she could have ever imagined? 

Rolf goes through the motions of everyday life in the southern nation of Etalentin. Yet, his routine is disrupted when a voice claiming to be the one true God speaks to him. Listening to his heart, he follows Aivan, but he is thrown temptation after temptation on his journey. Will Rolf be able to resist the temptations in order to fulfill Aivan’s plan for him? 

"Aivan" recently won the Bronze Medal in the Young Adult category of the Illumination Book Awards as well as the Bronze Medal in the Christian category of the Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards—that was pretty amazing! It would not have been possible without my wonderful editor, Susie Maurer, and my publisher, Ambassador International. 

"Metamorphosis," a recipient of a 5-starred Readers’ Favorite Review, is a collection of inspirational poetry. Pieces explore mental health challenges like anxiety and depression while illustrating the transformative properties of faith. Each poem is paired with a Bible verse, and several readers have shared that the format lends itself to serving as a devotional. 

The official book blurb for "Metamorphosis" is: Are you searching for something more in your life? Metamorphosis is a personal testimony of how God can transform lives. Covering topics of depression, anxiety, and searching for something more, the poetry serves as a vessel for God’s light. The words provide hope for the future and insight on how to be strong through Jesus Christ. Anyone yearning for something more will find renewal in this poetry. 

I am currently wrapping up the first book in a new YA fantasy duology—more information will be shared before the end of 2023 on my website and my social media! 

WOW: Congratulations on all your success so far! I have a feeling you are just getting started. You also review books for your blog, “The Unicorn Writer.” What types of books do you prefer to read and what warrants a 5-star review in your eyes? 

Kayla: I will happily read a variety of genres, but my favorite books to read are fantasy. I enjoy reading fantasy books for middle grade, young adult, and adult audiences. But I also like science fiction, historical fiction, and romance (of the PG variety). A 5-star book, in my eyes, is a book that leaves an imprint. It makes me feel something. I’m thinking of the messages woven seamlessly into the narrative long after the turn of the last page. The words leave me sitting in awe of the beauty ink and paper can create, and they inspire me to be a better writer. A 5-star fantasy book I will always recommend is "The Girl Who Drank the Moon" by Kelly Barnhill—its very core is made up of beautiful hope—and it’s actually my favorite book, ever. 

WOW: What are you reading right now? 

Kayla: I typically have a few books going at one time including a mix of physical books, ebooks, and audiobooks. Right now, I’m reading "The Seventh Sun" by Lani Forbes (YA fantasy), "When Legends Rise" by Daphne Self (Science Fiction), an advanced reader’s copy of "Unexpected Encounters of a Draconic Kind" by Beka Gremikova (fantasy), and two self-help books (one on finance and one on personal growth). Working in education, it takes me a while to get through my reading list especially as I juggle multiple titles, but I’ve found it's the best way for me to prevent a long reading slump! I regularly use Goodreads to track my reading and share reviews—everyone is welcome to connect with me there.

WOW: Thank you so much for joining us today and congratulations again!


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