Creating a Vision Board with Marla J. Albertie

Friday, May 26, 2023
Interview by Nicole Pyles
As a writer, it's important to picture the goal you have in mind for your work. Without it, it's easy to stumble in the dark, uncertain of the direction of your writing future. That's when vision boards come into place! Being able to create a visual of the goals you have for your writing career has tremendous benefits.
Today, I'm talking to Marla J. Albertie, author of the book, The Ultimate Brag Book About Yourself. She's also a career, life, and executive coach and is currently pursuing her PhD in I/O Psychology. Her Vision Board Mastery course is self-guided, allowing you to create the vision you have for your life. We're chatting about her course today.
WOW: Thank you for taking the time to chat with me today! I'm so excited to talk with you about vision boards. First, tell me about your vision board mastery course.
Marla: This is a course for those who want to create their vision board on their own terms. I do not believe in "rules" when creating your vision board, therefore my course walks people through the steps of how to think about what they want and create the vision board that is suited best for them. The course is self-paced and most of all fun!
WOW: I love that you make it self-paced! Why is creating a vision board so essential to writing success?
Marla: We all have goals and dreams we want to accomplish; however, what will we do to make those goals and dreams a reality? For example, someone may want to write their first book; if so they can place or create a picture of themselves holding their first book. Once this has been created, your mind will get to work on how to make this a reality because you are now looking at this visual every day. Therefore, it must happen!
WOW: I think having that picture in mind is so valuable. For people who don't know where to begin for their vision board, what do you suggest?
Marla: My course starts off having people make a list of 100--yes, 100 things they want to do/accomplish. I know 100 seems like a lot, but it allows you to think about what you desire, it also gives you time to think about what you want for your life and the legacy you want to create. Writers can think about the story they want to tell the world.
WOW: What an eye-opening experience! Why is having a positive mindset a great motivation for writers?
Marla: Let me do a reverse on this question and ask a question back: what will having a negative mindset do? Think about it and you will realize having a positive mindset is really the only option for success.
WOW: Great point! As a life coach, you work one-on-one with people to help them with their goals. What insights have you gained for your own journey from working with your clients?
Marla: I learn for each client and I have coached hundreds. The most important insight is what we think about ourselves is reflected in our actions. I think we as a people, especially women, do not realize the damage we cause ourselves because of our thoughts. Mindset is everything!
WOW: It really is! What commonalities have you noticed about what gets in the way of people achieving their goals?
Marla: The way they think, if you "think" you can't then you are right you won't, if you "think" you can then you will. It really is that simple. 
WOW: I completely agree! I love how you blend psychology with your coaching. How does our mind frame help or hurt our goals?
Marla: I think it goes back to what I wrote in #6. One of my coaches, yes coaches have coaches, told me whatever you believe you are 100% correct and no one will argue with you. This quote has stuck with me for years.
WOW: I think that's something we need to remember. You talk about an ah-ha moment! For people looking for their own ah-ha moment in their writing journey, how do you suggest they get there?
Marla: Think about who you are writing for, what do you want them to get from your words? What is the ah-ha moment you want them to have? Now ask yourself, have you had the same ah-ha moment?
WOW: Great tip! You wrote a book encouraging people to brag about themselves! Why is highlighting accomplishments such a helpful tool for writing inspiration?
Marla: You are an awesome human. There is no one else on the planet like you. I believe we forget this sometimes, therefore keeping a list (brag list) of why you are awesome is a reminder for writers to know they have something wonderful to share with the world. If you change one life, you have made an impact.
WOW: Yes! We all matter. For people who started out the year strong but their goals have since gone by the wayside, what do you suggest?
Marla: This happens all the time, there are tons of statistics on people who have goals and go strong for those goals and then ... nothing. I suggest starting with the end in mind as Stephen Covey says. What legacy do you want to create and leave? What do you want to say on your deathbed? I do not want to say "I wish I did ...". Start with this to bring things into perspective, you will do what is important to you. We all have 24 hours and we make time for what we want...What do you want?
WOW: I hope people get the opportunity to take your course (only $19.97!) and purchase a copy of your book, The Ultimate Brag Book About Yourself. Thank you for your insights today! 


Angela Mackintosh said...

Such a fantastic interview, and I love that the course starts off with a list of 100 things to do/accomplish! I agree, mindset is everything, and your positivity is contagious, Marla! :)

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