Anomaly Aftermath by Hugh Fritz: Blog Tour, Author Interview, and Giveaway!

Monday, May 01, 2023
Anomaly Aftermath by Hugh Fritz
We here at WOW! Women on Writing are excited to launch the blog tour for Anomaly Aftermath by returning author Hugh Fritz. This book is perfect for anyone who enjoys historical fiction, contemporary action, and/or near near-future science fiction. Read on to find out the author's inspiration behind this novel in an exceptional author interview, and enter to win a copy!
Anomaly Aftermath is the third book in the Mystic Rampage Series. If you haven’t read the other books, you will still enjoy reading this one as a stand-alone, but warning… you may be running out to buy the others as well because the storyline is fascinating!
Here's a bit more about Anomaly Aftermath:
Soleil is lost in time, launched through history at the hands of the Old Ticker. Now he is out of his element. He must adapt to his new home, hope it’s possible to return to his original time, and pray for a chance to correct some mistakes along the way.
Tyrell knows Flarence killed Darren. He wants revenge, though a mere human with limited resources has no chance of harming a Genie. But Roy’s body is failing to the point that not even Genie blood can sustain him. The cause of Roy’s slow death may give Tyrell the opportunity he needs to make Flarence suffer.
The Old Ticker’s designs have been leaked. Now they rest in deadlier hands and more mischievous minds. A pair of spell-casting revolvers were nothing compared with the new weapons being developed in secret. The Genies may have met their match when a scientist emerges armed with the most devastating firearm the world has ever known.
These three novellas are the culmination of the Mystic Rampage series—historical fiction, contemporary action, and near-future science fiction. Connecting them all is their shared theme of overcoming regrettable decisions to forge a brighter future.
Publisher: Terra Nova Books (November 26, 2022)
Genre: Crime, Action, Action Fiction, Contemporary Action
Print length: 430 pages
Anomaly Aftermath is available in print and as an ebook at Amazon. You can add it to your GoodReads reading list as well.
About the Author, Hugh Fritz:
Hugh Fritz is thrilled to have completed his Mystic Rampage trilogy, a project eight years in the making. While writing the series he has outlined and written rough drafts of other stories ranging from horror to romance. He is currently bouncing between his works in progress, deciding which one should get his full attention. Whatever comes next will assuredly be a step in a whole new direction.
Find Hugh Online:
-- Interview by Crystal Otto
WOW: Welcome back my friend! Thank you for allowing me, and the team here at WOW! Women on Writing to be part of the entire journey with the Mystic Rampage Series! It’s such a pleasure to welcome you back for the third and final book, Anomaly Aftermath. Let’s get down to business and the burning question: what first sparked the idea of the series?
Hugh: The characters and setting are concepts that have been bouncing around in my head for a while. The element that I feel makes Mystic Rampage unique is the Chi field, and I remember exactly where I was when I came up with the idea for it. I was on the midnight shift at a factory in Montgomery, Illinois. Technically nobody worked alone because every part of the factory had at least one person on duty. The problem was that the different sections were so separated that most didn’t communicate too closely with each other, so on those late shifts it felt like I was the only person there. The nice thing was that everyone realized how quiet and tedious the late shifts were, so before leaving some of the early birds left reading material for the night owls. While on break I found a newspaper someone left near the vending machine. Most of it was removed but one of the few remaining articles discussed new evidence of the “God Particle.” I’d never heard of it before, but the article drove me to do more research. That’s how I started to learn about subatomic particles, string theory, and the Higgs field. I decided to tweak those theories and make them the source of my Genie’s powers, and the result was the Chi field. 
WOW: That’s fascinating and a wonderful glimpse into your thought process. Thank you! What have you learned through publishing so many books? What tidbits can you share with others just starting out? 
Hugh: Lessons haven’t only come from my publishing experience, but also from friends who have self-published. I’ve tried self-publishing before, but didn’t find much success so when a publisher showed interest in my first book I was eager to sign a contract with them. The last few years have made me question that decision. There are resources available for authors to find publicity, but many of them are for self-published authors. There is a podcast that I like called Hidden Gems, and I inquired to them about appearing on a segment, but when they found out I have a publisher it kind of killed the deal. I’ve looked into other podcasts, and most of the ones I’ve found cater to self-published authors as well. There are advertising options available, such as Written Word Media, and some bookstores that offer live reading/signing events, but my publisher doesn’t set those up or help pay for them. Sometimes I wonder if I should demand more from the publisher, but since I haven’t worked with anyone else I don’t know if the services they’ve provided are typical. If someone is starting out I would recommend finding a literary agent, someone who knows what publishers are expected to do for their clients and is willing to push them to provide those services. I’ve felt lost since being published, wondering if I’m getting the most out of it, and it would be helpful to have someone I could go to for advice.
WOW: Thank you for that wonderful insight; and speaking of advice, this is a favorite question of mine: What would your current self like to say to the teenage Hugh Fritz?
Hugh: I’d spend more time learning to draw or taking the time to find professional artists. When self-publishing, I couldn’t design my own cover since I hadn’t practiced drawing and didn’t have any art software on my computer. Kindle Direct Publishing has pre-made cover images, but none of them matched the tone of my book. The cover of Made to Be Broken was an image of a forest, which was supposed to be the location of Soleil’s CafĂ©, but that wouldn’t be clear to anyone who hadn’t read the book. Having such a bland cover was likely one of the reasons I didn’t find much success in self-publishing. Later I hired professional artists to design a cover that was more personal and aligned with the book’s contents, which I believe was a game-changer in terms of sparking interest in readers.
WOW: I’m absolutely a cover girl; it’s all about drawing the reader in and getting them to read the book summary! Well done, my friend. Your cover may have drawn me in, but your characters are the best! That leads me to the next question: which character do you feel closest to or which character is closest to you from this book?
Hugh: There is a reason the first two books focused on Flarence, Darren, and Soleil. Flarence is hostile to almost everyone he meets, and he doesn’t care whether they deserve it. Darren feels shunned and wants to reshape the world into one where people like him are accepted. I chose those traits because I feel that hearing a call for reform or an urge to lash out against potential threats is relatable to many readers. I sympathized with both Darren and Flarence while writing their chapters. However, the character I relate most strongly to is Soleil. He’s aware of the issues that plague the world around him, but he doesn’t take drastic steps to change anything. Other people live in competition, but all he wants is to have his peace of mind. In the beginning, Soleil didn’t fight for justice or try to eradicate crime from his city, he just wanted to help his friend. In the end, a disaster brews, which Soleil eventually helps prevent, but his first instinct is to improve his relationship with his father and later rekindle a relationship with his ex-girlfriend. Soleil’s pacifism was never based on laziness or indifference. He was hesitant to fight because being the friend Tyrell deserved, the son Mohinaux deserved, and the boyfriend Tituba deserved, was more important to him than bettering or even saving the world. I strive to have relationships that are meaningful in my life.
WOW: That’s deep, and thank you for being so open with us here today! I just know you’ll be back again in the future, so tell us what's next for you for 2023 and beyond?
Hugh: First I need to finish some school requirements, but after that there are several paths available. I’ve been a student at 3 universities, but I feel like I’ve gotten the most out of my most recent college experience. The previous times I selected a major and focused on it, but I realize now that I’m not that kind of person. There’s a saying about foxes and hedgehogs: “The fox knows a little bit about a lot of things while the hedgehog knows a lot about one thing.” I’m currently working towards a Master’s in chemistry because my bachelor’s was in that subject and I guess I felt I needed to continue down that road. However, since enrolling I’ve taken classes that have nothing to do with chemistry, some not even at the university. I’ve become more proficient in gardening, woodworking, and fiber arts. I’ve learned how to play new instruments and have practiced speaking different languages. Of course, I’m still improving my writing as well. Having all this on my plate has made completing my major more difficult and a lot more stressful (I’ve even had to delay my graduation), but I’m more satisfied overall. I realize now that I’m the kind of person who prefers to know a little bit about a lot of things. This realization has blurred the next chapter of my life. The original plan was to get a master’s degree and apply for jobs in a research laboratory. Now I plan on keeping my current job a bit longer while working on my next book and practicing the other skills I’ve learned and see if any of them go anywhere.
WOW: Thank you so much for letting us be part of your journey, and I’m excited to find out more about your next book. Be sure to keep in touch with us; returning authors are important lifelong friends! Check out this hashtag to stay up to date with this tour, the book, and its author: #anomalyaftermathfritz 
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Angela Mackintosh said...

Wonderful interview, Crystal and Hugh! :) I really love your story of working the nightshift at a factory and workers leaving various reading material for each other. That could be a great setup for a short story. :) Your descriptions of your characters' traits are fascinating, as I'm currently trying to work on character development. I also heard you won a book award for your last novel and cover - congratulations!

As far as getting guest spots on podcasts, WOW offers a podcast tour, which is for any author, traditionally or self-published. You can find out more here.

Good luck on your tour! :)

Wanda B said...

I loved reading this article and I think the book looks very enjoyable.

Heather Swanson said...

a must for the summer reading list

kywave said...

My son would much enjoy this book! thanks for sharing your talents

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I enjoyed reading the interview. I would enjoy reading this with my grandchildren.

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