Rebirth by Kate Brenton: Blog Tour & Giveaway

Monday, November 21, 2022
Rebirth by Kate Brenton
I'm excited to announce our upcoming blog tour for Rebirth by Kate Brenton. She's one of the instructors for the Sit & Write course we shared with you a couple of months ago, and her book shares real life stories about what happens when you let go and let life lead. This book is perfect for someone who needs a little support in listening to their true voice and remembering what is possible when they have the courage to surrender. 

Join us as we interview Kate Brenton about her book, share more details about her inspiring book, and give away a copy to one lucky reader.

First, here's a bit about her book:

When life is calling, often we need only the space and the support to remember our way. Sometimes we lean into our expansion, and sometimes we bolt from our greatness. The biggest shock is that big change happens in small choices. In Rebirth you will find real-life stories of people who made courageous leaps, inspiring you to make your own. It’s time to step out of line and back into the spiral of life—that’s where the alchemy is. This book fits right into the side pocket of your bag + your life to inspire you as you read others’ stories of how they listened and learned to make embodied changes in their own lives.

Publisher: Inspirebytes Omni Media (September 2022)
ISBN-10: 1953445261
ISBN-13: 978-1953445261
Print length: 160 pages

Purchase a copy of Rebirth on AmazonBarnes and Noble, and You can also add this to your GoodReads reading list.

About the Author, Kate Brenton

Kate Brenton
Kate Brenton, Ed.M., educator, author, mama, and healer, used to climb trees in her childhood to sit in and read books. A lifelong teacher, from secondary English to spiritual development, Kate has the archetype for sharing wisdom to empower and elevate through online courses, inspirational speaking, and retreats. Come say hello or listen to the Rebirth podcast at

You can also follow her on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Substack.

--- Interview by Nicole Pyles

WOW: First off, congratulations about your book! I have found it to be so inspiring. With this book being originally a podcast, what inspired you to start the podcast? And what eventually led to you writing this book? 

Kate: The 95 Interstate, on the outer rim of Philadelphia, can be a quagmire of traffic. When I was approached by a friend and manifestation coach, Joe Longo, about creating a podcast—I created an image of a woman, stuck in her car, and in her life and uncertain what to do. I wanted her to hear the Rebirth podcast, and gain either hope or an idea on how to create one small, positive action. I wanted the podcast to be both resourceful and inspirational. Somewhere in the second year of the podcast, the Founder of Inspirebytes Omni Media, reached out to me with a book contract, for a book that is still unwritten. A few months later, when I hosted my publisher on the podcast, I said nothing about my writer’s block; she called me the next day and said, “The podcast is the book.” I felt the rightness of that, and Rebirth the book was born. 

WOW: How amazing! Those five words made all the difference. I love all the courageous leaps that happen in this book. How did you meet or find the people you end up interviewing on your podcast and for your book? 

Kate: The people in the book were all first on the Rebirth podcast, either colleagues I knew or people that I cross-paths with and invited on to speak. The focus of the show was to talk to women about the intuitive moments of listening to themselves, against all odds, and in phases of great change. When it came time to turn the podcast into a book, I thought about the journey arc of the book and selected from three seasons of podcasts for interviews that would hit different tones and messages. So even though the book is a collection of stories—you can pop it open anywhere to read—it also has a coherent theme that runs through about how to surrender to the life that is calling you. I wanted to show that no matter how different the journeys from yoga to publishing, from skincare to Waldorf education, we can find the commonality and the inspiration from others and within to strive and surrender to life’s magic. That is the power of story. 

WOW: You are very right! I felt that there was a synergy within the book, even though they were separate stories. What was your revision process like? 

Kate: The revision process taught me a few things. First, with every iteration of the book, I uncovered something within myself, at least as a first-time author. A place that I didn’t see in structure or writing (because I was literally too close) or a gap that I missed because I was emotionally too far, revealed itself with each revision. It was fascinating to witness. Also, having an intention, a good set of beta readers, and thorough copy editors are all crucial to ensuring that what you intend to create is indeed transmitted through words and structure. You might spend more time pinpointing one word choice than you ever have, and it's amazing to create something that will live on in the hands of others.

WOW: It is definitely a learning process to write a book that teaches you a lot about yourself. What do you hope readers take away from reading this book? 

Kate: That life is an up-and-down ride for everyone—even though sometimes we can feel that life is only happening in a hard way to us. In a world that focuses on appearances, it is how your life is sitting within you that makes all the difference. I think the power of story, both struggle and triumph, can do a lot to grow fortitude and bring us back to ourselves. I wrote this book to be a friend to the reader. 

WOW: I completely agree! How did the lessons you gained from your podcast and book weave into the class you have started? 

Sit & Write Master Writing Course
 Thank you for this question because Sit & Write has been an amazing birth. This is a class for mission-led writers, addressing the spiritual and analytical sides of writing. Becoming an author really honed my gifts of supporting other writers. First, everything I mentioned above about climbing out of iterations of yourself, as well as doing the work to let your true voice come out, are the foundations of this class. Writing a book is a large and amazing undertaking and the fortitude to finish comes from being aligned with your voice and your intention for writing, whether that is a fiction piece, a memoir, or a cookbook. 

A book is created from nothing into something because of you, and Sit & Write is a space for that certainty to root. Now, once you have the thing you want to say, you need to find a way to let the world find your book, easily. That’s where my co-teacher Claudine Wolk comes in. She is doing for our students what she did for me: demystifying book marketing and teaching practical and personalized avenues for any writer’s budget to get your book Seen & Sold (which is her next book). Writing is so personal that you need a community; I had one and leaned on them heavily, as well as my own intuition, which helped my book land in #1 for New Thought on launch day, but that’s a story for another time. We are taking all those pieces and sharing it with other writers to help them get their books into the hands that need them. 

WOW: I love you are giving that community to writers. What advice do you have for writers (and other creatives) who feel like they are getting in their own way in terms of their success? 

Kate: Expect this to happen; it’s a part of your growth process. All creative processes expand and contract. What we need is a structure or practice to keep going and not get stuck in one phase. Same in the seasonal phases of nature; we are not always producing, and sometimes we are bursting through the shell in the dark.

Let’s talk about the craft of writing, as an example of this expansion and contraction. There are times that you write, and there are non-writing times. Even when you are on a deadline, don’t force. Put down the pen, go for a walk, read another book, let the space around you organize your thoughts and allow new inspiration to come through. If you give it the space, and you are committed, it always comes through. I should also mention, pay attention to your patterns. If you are prone to forcing, relax. If you are prone to avoiding the page, sit & write. It’s a process at times, but perhaps you are being grown to evolve into the writer you were meant to be.

WOW: That is so inspiring! Thank you so much for joining us today! Best of luck with your book, podcast, and class.

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Kate Brenton said...

I am so happy to be here with this amazing community of writers!

Angela Mackintosh said...

What an inspiring interview, Kate and Nicole! I loved learning how the book came to life, and Kate's publisher is smart. A collection of stories from her podcast guests is such a great idea and a way to build community even more. What a vibrant book and love your podcast! :) You're so right about structure and practice. I'd gotten so derailed this year with moving and family deaths, but I'm doing NaNoWriMo right now (and terribly! lol) but even though I'm not hitting their recommended word count, the practice of showing up each day and giving space for writing is life changing, and it feels so good. :) Best of luck on your tour! It looks like a great one. <3

kywave said...

I can truly relate to the image of the woman in the traffic. I'm in an exciting and uncertain time in my life. I have moved to a town that I have admired for quite some time and am quite happy here but it is a true new beginning. This is on my to read list for sure

Heather Swanson said...

So very positive & inspiring.

TRIPPER2365 said...

I need to get a copy of this for my sister.

olwen29 said...

Looks awesome!

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